Business School Netherlands celebrates her 30th birthday! Under the guise of ‘plant your flag here’, we created the ‘plant your balloon here’ challenge in celebration of our anniversary. The idea was to have our jubilee balloon travel around the world and appear in the most unique places. ‘Blow me up and make a picture’!

Winners of our balloon photo challenge: Lis and Lia Dekker and Isaac Fasetire

Of course we couldn’t achieve this without you, so we called on everyone to help us. The only requirement we made was: let your creativity run wild! The submitted photos were shared on our social media pages and published on our website, where everyone could vote for their favourite. The photo with the most votes would win a personalised iPad whilst the runner-up would receive a management book of their choice, selected from five titles.

Trip down memory lane…

Around the world in 9 months
The journey started with our enthusiastic international students who took various pictures with the balloon in Buren. Also, a number of breath-taking pictures have been shot throughout the Netherlands. For example, Hessiëlle van Dam, MBA, went ’30 years upstream with BSN’ by releasing the BSN balloon in a river. The adventure of our ‘orange tourist’ continued in Argentina, Croatia, Suriname, Spain, China, Germany, Finland, Iceland, Scotland and Sri Lanka. An amazing joint effort resulted in our jubilee balloon travelling around the world in 9 months!

Not only local and international landscapes formed the setting for this photo competition. For example, Martijn van Brakel aimed for the ‘higher grounds’, Adri Fijneman, MBA, was in search of a ‘disruptive manager’, Jerry Manduapessy, MBA, kicked off the year 2018 with a ‘Happy New Year – Ready for the next level: the DBA!’ and Lis will put her teeth in an MBA in 30 years (How is that for future ambition? ;)).

And the winner is…
September 22nd… the votes are counted… and the winner is … Lis! She was given her own personalised iPad. In honourable second place is Isaac Fasetire. He was presented with the book ‘Make Disruption Work, a CEO handbook for digital transformation’. Congratulations!

Left photo byLis and Lia Dekker, right photo by Isaac Fasetire

Journey of your life
Another honourable mention goes to the video made by Jos Grob, MBA. He created a movie titled ‘An MBA? Journey of your life’ where he brought words and images together in an original way. We do not want to do him short by describing its content; experience it yourself:

Last but not least, we thank all the participants for their creative contributions. If you would like to view all entries from our ‘plant your balloon here’ challenge, we listed them below:

Overview of all contesting photos

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