Customisation for Company

The Action Learning methodology is central to our education, meaning that your employee or a group of your employees (if the training is taken in-company) will work with a number of issues from your organisation that are important to you. This provides specific customisation.
Together with fellow students or colleagues, we work on the analysis, the solution of the issues and the implementation of the solution.

What does it provide to your organisation?

Fast improvements for your organisation

In addition to the MBA training for your employees to have an intense learning experience and personal development, this MBA also results in rapid improvement for your organisation:

  • Processes run better;
  • Communication is smoother;
  • Results are achieved faster;
  • Additional costs for hiring consultants are saved and more effective.
A better bond in the team

Because your employees carry out projects within the organisation, this leads to a greater connection. They

  • find the work more fun and challenging;
  • deal better with resistance;
  • deliver faster work;
  • are a better strategic discussion partner;
  • are consultants and multi-employable;
  • achieve the objectives more easily.
Empower leaders

Reflect first;

  • Make an analysis by looking multiple times (holistically);
  • Investigate different solution scenarios;
  • Make systematic decisions;
  • Work together with colleagues to come up with analysis and solutions;
  • Clarify the exact nature of the problem
  • Leverage synergy;
  • Learning to deal with change;
  • Relationship managers with professional knowledge.


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