This alliance allows Business School Netherlands to focus on its core business and offer a variety of different learning paths for its students.

Marcel van der Ham (dean BSN) and Twan Paes MBA (ALA)Good news: From 1st January 2017, Business School Netherlands (BSN) has transferred its WIAL affiliate status to the Action Learning Academy (ALA), located in Hilversum, Netherlands. Thanks to this move, the use and development of action learning in the Netherlands will receive a much broader and more in-depth focus.

The Action Learning Academy and Business School Netherlands have worked together for many years to promote Action Learning in the Netherlands in order to the develop the recognition it deserves.

Because of this transfer, BSN can now focus its attention on designing and delivering MBA and DBA programmes. Thanks to its cooperation with ALA, learning paths can be offered from certificate, diploma, bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate level.  As the official WIAL affiliate in the Netherlands, the Action Learning Academy will concentrate on developing Action Learning and certifying Action Learning coaches.

Business School Netherlands remains committed to using Action Learning in all its programmes offered and has become a WIAL partner from 1st January 2017 to demonstrate its continual commitment to the practice of Action Learning.

For more information on our Action Learning MBA and Management Programmes, send an email to

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