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As an enabler in the development and success of managers and organisation worldwide, through unique Action Learning programmes, Business School Netherlands believes in the importance of community Upliftment and sustainable development in developing countries through various cause- related initiatives.

These are a few international initiatives that we include in our corporate social responsibility focus:

Corporate Social ResponsibilityCause-Related ALP
Successful students receiving the partial funding through the Dick Gerdzen Foundation scholarship will need to support and contribute to his/her employing organisation and Action Learning community by fulfilling the role of an Action Learning Coach/Mentor for a period of one full year after graduation. The student will focus one of his/her Action Learning Projects (ALPs) on a Community Upliftment Initiative at the same time allowing him/her to give back to the community and country.

Corporate Social ResponsibilitySkills Academy: ‘Reach Make It’
Since 2009, Business School Netherlands together with LEWEZA, short for ‘Leer-werkplaats Zuid-Afrika’ (meaning ‘Apprenticeships South Africa’), has supported a local training provider, making the dreams of many a reality by equipping them for the workplace. The skills academy, ‘Reach Make It’, runs a community upliftment project that provides training and development for students from former disadvantaged communities in Cape Town, South Africa as well as from other African countries such as Zambia, the DRC, Cameroon and Angola. Read more

Other Corporate Social Responsibility community projects in The Netherlands include:

  • Sponsorship of the Buren by Candlelight event. Read more
  • Yearly sponsorship of De Burense speeldagen. Read more
  • Yearly sponsorship of the tennis association in Buren. Read more

‘Knowledge and awareness of efficient water management is vital in Zimbabwe, the region and the rest of the world. I am eager to develop my skills in business management and organisational leadership.’

Richwell Musoma

MBA Student, Majoring in Water Management, Zimbabwe

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