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Over 200 International Leaders Celebrate Their Graduation Together at Business School Netherlands

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“Remember, this moment is not just an end, but a new beginning”

Buren – On Saturday, September 30, 2023, more than 200 international leaders from all around the world received their MBA or DBA degrees from Business School Netherlands. They celebrated their graduation together during the annual Graduation Ceremony. This year, the ceremony took place at a new venue, the KIT Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam. It was an extra special occasion for BSN, as they are celebrating their 35th anniversary this September!

Every year, an average of 450 leaders graduate from Business School Netherlands (BSN) worldwide, with its headquarters located in the Royal Buren. Graduation is celebrated grandly during the annual Graduation Ceremony. This year marked the 24th edition, and it was made even more special as BSN reached its 35-year milestone in September. What better way to kick off this anniversary than with a graduation celebration? And this happened at a new location, the KIT Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam. It’s not just any celebration, but an international event where over 200 students from all corners of the globe gather, including China, South Africa, Nigeria, Botswana, the Czech Republic, Curaçao, Ghana, Suriname, Algeria, and Egypt.

Kick up your Heels

The Graduation is a spectacular event. For graduates, this diploma ceremony is the culmination of years of hard work, dedication, and perseverance. This milestone symbolizes the fulfilment of their educational goals and the opening of new doors filled with possibilities. For their families and friends, it’s a moment of immense pride and joy as they witness the achievements of their loved ones. This day includes a diploma presentation with inspiring speeches, and unforgettable photo and video moments, and concludes with a festive dinner and dance where the celebration continues.

Toine van den Heuvel, Dean of BSN, imparts to the graduates:

“Remember, this moment is not just an end, but a new beginning. Embrace the challenges that lie ahead, for they are the steps toward growth and success. And success is measured not only by material achievements but also by the positive impact you have on others’ lives. To the families and friends, thank you for your unwavering support and belief in these graduates. Your presence here today reflects the love and dedication you have shown throughout their educational journey.”

Business School Netherlands

Business School Netherlands (BSN) is a Dutch Ministry of Education recognised and internationally accredited (NVAO, ACBSP, FIBAA) University of Applied Sciences. It offers global Action Learning MBA programmes and management and Incompany programmes for both aspiring and experienced managers and professionals. Founded in 1988 in the Netherlands, BSN’s headquarters are located in the royal town of Buren. Over 35 years, the business school has grown into a prominent educational institution with multiple locations and partners worldwide, including Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America. Each year, BSN welcomes around 450 international students who join the global network of over 10,000 alumni after completing their studies. BSN’s ultimate goal is to help managers, professionals, and businesses excel in their work through accredited programmes. Not only do participants benefit, but their employees, colleagues, organisations, and customers also develop alongside them.

BSN takes pride in being a no-nonsense business school, where professionals and managers with postgraduate aspirations use Action Learning to tackle immediate challenges within their organisations. Thousands of challenges have been resolved, and the journey continues!

Business School Netherlands


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