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Graduate Success Story: Jahaira Boasman’s Online MBA Journey at BSN

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A Graduate Success Story

As we celebrate Business School Netherlands’ 35th anniversary this September, we’re thrilled to highlight an inspiring success story of a remarkable graduate who embodies the spirit of achievement and innovation. Meet Jahaira Boasman, an outstanding individual hailing from St. Maarten, whose journey through our Online Action Learning MBA programme has been nothing short of inspiring.

Coinciding with our anniversary celebrations, this month is also one of pride and accomplishment as it marks the graduation month for our exceptional students who, like Jahaira, have developed into responsible, change-oriented, and results-driven leaders who make informed decisions.

In this graduate success story, we explore Jahaira’s transformative experience, insights, and the exceptional value she gained from her participation in the online MBA programme.

Stepping into the MBA World

Jahaira’s entrance into the realm of online education marked a significant milestone. With a shift from traditional classroom dynamics to digital communication, she embraced the new experience wholeheartedly.

“Adapting to primarily communicating through emails was a unique challenge that added a new dimension to my learning journey.”

Embracing Collaborative Learning

A pivotal aspect of Jahaira’s online MBA journey was the live Saturday workshops that brought together students and professors from across the globe.

“These workshops became an interactive platform that connected me with peers and educators worldwide. It was truly an enriching experience, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing.”
She emphasized the significance of breakout rooms during workshops and the international Action Learning Project. These initiatives encouraged practical collaboration and the application of acquired knowledge, allowing her to gain hands-on experience in a global context.

Applying Learning in Real-Time

One of the standout features of the MBA programme for Jahaira was its alignment with her professional setting.

“The Action Learning teaching method enabled me to address real issues within my own company, rather than working with fictional cases.”
This practical approach resonated deeply with her and provided valuable insights into her company’s operations.

Jahaira’s Dissertation: A Transformational Focus

Jahaira’s dissertation focused on the evolution of remote work within her organisation.

“The COVID-19 era prompted my organisation to embrace remote work, and I saw an opportunity to contribute positively to this change.”
Her research delved into maintaining business continuity, enhancing employee satisfaction, and streamlining automation. Her dissertation proposed a balanced remote work model, benefiting both her organisation and the St. Maarten community.

“My goal was to create a harmonious model that supports not only our clients but also our employees.”
Value to the Organisation and Beyond
Jahaira’s research sparked renewed interest in remote work within her organisation, fostering meaningful discussions and reflections. The findings illuminated avenues for enhancing business continuity and employee well-being.

“Beyond my organisation, my research initiated valuable collaborations with other local organisations, fostering a beneficial dialogue among HR professionals.”

Personal and Professional Growth

With a diploma in Social Work and Human Resource Management, Jahaira’s MBA journey expanded her horizons.

“The MBA provided comprehensive insights into diverse business aspects, enriching my position as an HR Manager.”
The programme’s Action Learning format linked assignments to her workplace, facilitating practical growth. Jahaira emphasized that the MBA programme marked a pivotal milestone in her career, fuelling her enthusiasm for lifelong learning and growth.

A Journey of Transformation

Jahaira’s remarkable journey through Business School Netherlands’ Online Action Learning MBA programme exemplifies the fusion of determination and education. As the pioneer of her cohort, Jahaira’s story inspires aspiring professionals worldwide to embrace the opportunities of online education. Her commitment to excellence, coupled with the support of the MBA programme, underlines the transformative potential of quality education in today’s dynamic business landscape.

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