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Goodmorning BSN! Let’s talk about…

In events by Business School Netherlands

From 09.30 to 10.08 hrs

Every Tuesday morning, experienced leaders from the Netherlands, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Botswana, Kenya, Curaçao, China and other countries discuss pressing business challenges and new business insights, ideas and tools. We do this in our so-called ‘Zoominars’, short sessions of less than 45 minutes.

Time schedule Zoominars

09.30 – 09.35 hrs: Introduction topic by moderator
09.35 – 09.50 hrs: Presentation
09.50 – 09.55 hrs: Reflection on presentation
09.55 – 10.05 hrs: Moderated Q&A
10.08 hrs: Closure

Our goal

Our Goodmorning BSN! sessions aim to enhance participants’ self-awareness and equip them with practical tools to improve their capabilities. Through these sessions, we emphasise the importance of the four pillars of leadership in driving positive change within organisations and in today’s rapidly evolving world.

  • Responsible leadership
    You strive to become a better person, behave responsibly towards your colleagues and make your companies and organisations thrive by developing sustainable business opportunities to solve local, regional and global short-term and long-term challenges in today’s world.
  • Change leadership
    You inspire your colleagues to be creative and embrace change while giving your organisation the power to change and innovate.
  • Decision-making leadership
    You are situationally aware, in-tune with the signs of times, familiar with the latest science and technology trends, equipped with robust analysis of the right data and able to make well-informed decisions.
  • Performance leadership
    You create resilient organisations with effective operations, sustainable financial results and a good reputation.

Our Goodmorning BSN! is a real energy and inspiration booster before you start your working day. Join us if you want to experience it!

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