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Empower your leadership journey

This comprehensive and interactive series of workshops is meticulously crafted to equip you with the knowledge, tools, and self-awareness required to not just succeed but thrive as a leader.

This transformative programme consists of a diverse range of workshops, each addressing specific facets of leadership, communication, and personal growth. Delivered in an engaging online format over six months, these workshops are designed to be accessible and flexible for all participants.

On completion of both the Skills Development and Management Development Programmes you will be awarded a BSN Certificate in Management.

You can expect the following outcomes on completion of the Skills Development Programme

Leadership Fundamentals

Lay the groundwork for effective leadership, explore core leadership principles, and develop a personal leadership philosophy.

Effective Communication and Influence

Enhance persuasive communication skills, build trust, and navigate challenging conversations confidently.

Conflict Resolution and Collaboration

Master conflict resolution strategies, foster a culture of collaboration, and manage workplace conflicts effectively.

Time and Stress Management

Boost productivity, improve time management, and learn stress management techniques.

Emotional Intelligence and Leadership

Develop emotional intelligence, enhance self-awareness, and create an emotionally intelligent workplace.

Negotiation and Influence

Master negotiation techniques, influence diverse teams and stakeholders, and hone your negotiation skills.

Team Building and Leadership

Create high-performing, diverse teams, inspire team members with varying personalities, and develop effective team dynamics.

Situational Leadership

Adapt your leadership styles to various situations, increase employee competence and confidence, and learn to motivate and redirect teams effectively.

Multicultural Integration

Promote multicultural understanding and acceptance, manage cultural differences, and harness the power of diversity in your organisation.

Personal Effectiveness and Motivation

Enhance self-awareness and intrinsic motivation, cultivate inspired leadership principles, and develop an actionable personal mission statement.


Workshop 1: Action Learning and Learning to Learn

Duration: Half day

This workshop will familiarise students with the conceptual framework and the key principles of Action Learning and Learning to Learn.

Workshop 2: Listening

Duration: Half Day

Enhance your listening skills and become an effective listener.

Workshop 3: Setting Goals

Duration: Half Day

Gain understanding of the goal-setting process and learn to generate solutions to organisational problems throught the use of participative goal-setting.

Workshop 4: Giving Feedback

Duration: Half Day

Learn how to use feedback effectively to correct behavior and motivate others.

Workshop 5: Performance Evaluation

Duration: Half Day

This workshop provides a comprehensive guide to effective performance evaluation, covering technical and interpersonal aspects.

Workshop 6: Delegating

Duration: Half Day

This half-day workshop on delegation explores the benefits and challenges of this management practice. Participants will learn about the factors influencing successful delegation, how to avoid pitfalls, and gain practical insights on when to delegate and how to do it effectively.

Workshop 7: Persuading

Duration: Half Day

In this half-day workshop on persuasion, participants will explore the shift from traditional authoritative leadership to effective persuasion in motivating employees. The content covers the power of persuasion, strategies for success, audience-specific approaches, and practical tips, aiming to enhance participants’ ability to motivate and influence others positively.

Workshop 8: Coaching

Duration: Half Day

In this coaching workshop, participants will learn the manager’s role in coaching, emphasising the hands-on strategy of improving employees’ performance and elevating overall organisational effectiveness.

Workshop 9: Running Meetings

Duration: Half Day

The content of this workshop covers preparation, planning, and chairing meetings, emphasising the technical and interpersonal skills needed for success. Participants will gain practical insights into drawing up agendas, dealing with conflicts, and effectively leading discussions, with the goal of improving their ability to run meetings efficiently and follow up on outcomes.

Workshop 10: Handling Conflict

Duration: Half Day

Participants will explore the inevitability of conflicts in organisations and the distinction between handling and solving conflicts. The content covers self-assessment, types of conflicts, escalation patterns, and practical strategies for managing conflicts effectively in day-to-day work situations.

Workshop 11: Negotiation

Duration: Half Day

Participants will explore principled negotiation methods, emphasising the importance of focusing on interests rather than positions. The content covers factors determining negotiation success, preparation, relationship-building, dealing with powerful parties, and strategies for negotiating effectively.

Workshop 12: Politicking

Duration: Half Day

The workshop comprehensively explores the intricacies of politicking in organisational contexts, dissecting power sources, methods of influence, and the relational nature of power dynamics. Additionally, it delves into the pivotal role of leaders, outlining their diverse functions in shaping organisational culture and navigating various roles to foster meaningful work and adaptability.

Workshop 13: Stress Management for Leaders and Managers

Duration: Two Days

In this two-day workshop participants will explore the dual aspects of stress management: managing the work context and self-stress management. The content covers the positive and negative aspects of stress, the impact of stress on performance and well-being, and the goal of achieving an optimal balance between demands and capacities.

Workshop 14: Teambuilding

Duration: Three Days

Participants will focus on the crucial task of composing an effective team. The content emphasises the importance of balance in team composition, advocating for diversity in characteristics, talents, and personalities. The workshop highlights the potential pitfalls of groupthink and encourages participants to appreciate the “otherness” of team members as a valuable complement to their own capabilities.

Workshop 15: Situational Leadership

Duration: Three Days

Explore the dynamic and adaptive Situational Leadership Model emphasising that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to leadership. The module focuses on analysing leadership situations, understanding the stages of development, and applying relevant leadership styles.

Workshop 16: Multicultural Integration

Duration: One Day

This workship emphasises the importance of fostering a multicultural understanding and acceptance, addressing the impact of perceptions on cultural dynamics, management systems, decision-making procedures, and cross-cultural communication.

Workshop 17: Personal Effectiveness and Motivation

Duration: Two Days

This workshop focuses on intrinsic motivation, self-awareness, and proactivity, enabling participants to discover and connect with their inherent motivational drives. The outcomes include increased self-understanding, identification and management of personal pitfalls, enhanced interpersonal relations, and the ability to proactively shape one’s career based on aligned motivational drives.

Who it's for

Designed for managers seeking to elevate their leadership potential

Whether you’re a seasoned expert or a rising star, these workshops offer invaluable insights and practical skills to help you navigate the complex terrain of modern leadership. Elevate your leadership potential, inspire your teams, and reach new heights in your career.

Upon completing the Skills Development Programme, you will

  • Emerge as a confident, influential, and inspiring leader.
  • Improve your interpersonal skills and foster a culture of collaboration.
  • Expertly manage conflicts and motivate diverse teams.
  • Elevate your time management, stress management, and overall productivity.
  • Lead with emotional intelligence and empathy.
  • Master the art of negotiation and persuasion.
  • Excel in building and guiding high-performing, diverse teams.
  • Adapt your leadership styles for maximum situational effectiveness.
  • Champion multicultural understanding and acceptance.
  • Unlock intrinsic motivation and achieve career fulfillment.

Full course fee:

  • EUR 4,000 (VAT Exempt)
    Full tuition
  • EUR 1,400 (VAT Exempt)
    SDG scholarship applicable to applicants from eligible developing countries.


  • Study materials
  • Online coaching
  • Assessments

Payment options

Payment options are available. Please contact us for more information.

How to Apply

Start your application

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Step 1 (optional) : Schedule a personal consultation

During a personal consultation you will receive a detailed explanation of the programme and will have the opportunity to ask all your questions. In addition, our advisor will work with you to see whether this programme is in line with your work, ambitions and curriculum and whether you qualify for exemptions.

Step 2: Fill out the online application form

It’s important to fill out the application correctly and attach all the supporting documents requested.  As soon as we receive your application, you will be sent an email with instructions of your next steps.

Programme advice?

Graham Booysen
Start date
20 March 2024
25 September 2024
Registration deadline
2 weeks in advance
€4.000,- (Tax-free)65% Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) scholarships are available for applicants from developing countries.
Duration of programme
6 months
8 to 10 hours per week
Number of participants
16 - 24

Learning is like oxygen to me. Learning makes me powerful, versatile and diversified. It also makes me lenient and kind as a person. It inspires me to take life on cheerfully and to enjoy it to the fullest.

Md Ahamed Imtiaz
COO at FloWater Solutions Ltd.

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BSN Alumnus Walter van der Vlist MBA

BSN develops great leaders who

are responsible
You look ahead and contribute solutions to today's challenges.
initiate change
You build trust among all stakeholders in the organisation, encourage collaboration and different views, and ensure structured teamwork.
make informed decision
You understand the organisation and the urgency of change, and create value, bringing improvements that are realistic.
are results-driven
You go for real results with a focus on impact, working towards clear goals for the future and ensuring that they are actually achieved.

Our lecturers have earned their stripes extensively in the field. In addition to their field experience, they also have a good understanding of business models and strategies, making them uniquely capable of bridging the gap between strategy and practice.

Mike Janssen

Operations Management

Bernie van Zijl

Information & International Management

Pierre Strydom

Marketing & International Management, Research Methodology

Dr. Lee Kingma

Human Resource Management


Frequently asked questions

We have listed frequently asked questions for you. Is your question not listed? Then get in touch. We are happy to assist you online with personal, non-binding educational advice. Contact our advisors via +27 (0) 82 688 7399 or

How long does it take to complete this programme?

This programme consists of 17 different workshops delivered over 6 months in interactive online classes.  You will need approximately 10 hours per week to complete the programme.

Are there any admission requirements for this programme?

This programme requires students to hold a Bachelor’s Degree.

Will I write tests or exams to be assessed in this programme, and do I receive certification?

There are no triditional tests or exams for our programmes.  You will complete a self assessment, a peer assessment and a mentor assessment in order to pass this programme and be awarded with a certificate.

What is the average study load?

The average study load is 10 hours per week.  This includes online sessions, preparatory reading and projects.

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