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MBA Programmes

A combination of practical experience and tailored coaching. Working with professionals from a range of industries, you will develop your personal management and leadership skills.

MBA opleidingen

high roi

Instant return on investment with our MBA programmes

During the International Action Learning MBA and Online Action Learning MBA programmes at Business School Netherlands you will study important aspects of management. These include Human Resource Management, Strategic Management, Financial Management and Information Management.

You will broaden your knowledge at a strategic level and immediately apply the knowledge you have acquired. We do this by using the Action Learning method. You will learn to solve complex, urgent problems and implement change immediately within your own organisation.  This is how the MBA programmes provides a direct return for both your personal development and the growth of your organisation. In short, a win-win situation.


What others say about BSN

Business School Netherlands has been instrumental in shaping me into a proficient problem solver and pragmatic entrepreneur.

Fasili Masalu Boniphace

Business Adviser, Coaching Success & Consulting Ltd

I highly recommend this MBA for both personal and organisational growth, as it was a win-win for both myself and the company I worked for.

Gerard Mohamed

Managing Director at NanoTech Petroleum PTY Ltd

The knowledge gained on various business aspects has enriched my overall expertise and position as an HR Manager.

Jahaira Boasman

HR Manager, Social & Health Insurances

The Masterclass from Business School Netherlands has given me confidence and direction in terms of strategy, power and leadership.

Machteld Diks v/d Hoogenhoff

Machteld Diks v/d Hoogenhoff

Manager at Tax Collaboration Rivierenland

I chose BSN's MBA because it's not only theoretical but also directly applicable to the projects you undertake within your own organisation.

Marlou Mulders

Marlou Mulders

Commercial Director at Prins Petfoods

This MBA equipped me with problem-solving skills, comprehensive business knowledge, and the ability to apply it; all of which remains relevant after many years.

Renier Snyman

Group Human Resources Manager at Komati Fruit Group

The most significant advantage was the opportunity to work on real challenges presented by my employer.

Robert Koolen

Robert Koolen

Director of Sustainable Development at Heijmans.

The MBA lesson on Action Learning is an interactive session where you receive immediately applicable tools and guidance!

Vincent Schreijer

Vincent Schreijer

Manager Expertise & Logistics Roadside Assistance at ANWB
MBA opleidingen - studieadviseurs

Will you join us?

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed frequently asked questions for you. Is your question not among them? Then contact our student advisers at or 0344-579050.

What is the value of an MBA?

Our MBA programmes are Professional Masters. A Professional Master focuses mainly on applied research. The MBA at Business School Netherlands therefore provides an immediate return for the student and his/her organisation, as you apply theoretical knowledge directly to your own practice. The Professional Master has learning outcomes and final results at level 7 of the Dutch Qualification Framework (NLQF), which is linked to the European Qualification Framework (EQF). Level 7 (NLQF) is the second highest level within Higher Education in the Netherlands.

ROI at Business School Netherlands

At Business School Netherlands, every participant applies what they have learned directly in practice through the action learning method. This makes us different from any other management training provider in the Netherlands. And the effect/return on application is also high to very high.

For organisations

Our MBA graduates themselves claim that the cost of the course is easily recouped by the organisation. Some of them even talk about returns of tens of thousands to millions or even more. Great for the employer and also for the participant, who experiences personal growth through his or her study and also contributes to the return of his or her organisation. A real win-win situation.

For the individual

MBA graduates earn more, get better jobs and believe that an MBA has been valuable to their career success. We are among the top 3 business schools in the Netherlands in terms of better positions as a result of the programme and an increase in gross monthly salary before and after the programme.

What is the difference between the International Action Learning MBA and the Online Action Learning MBA?

International Action Learning MBA:

  • Learn through interactive BSN student platform, engaging online group sessions and a combination of reflective assessments and reading.
  • Full international support and feedback on all your assignments and projects.
  • Mandatory attendance of MBA workshops and conference at BSN’s main campus in the Netherlands. (Flights and visa costs not included in fees)

Online Action Learning MBA:

  • Learn through interactive BSN student platform, engaging online group sessions and a combination of reflective assessments and reading.
  • Full international support and feedback on all your assignments and projects.

In summary, the foundation of both MBA programmes is essentially the same. The MBA diploma is also the same for both MBA programmes.

Are there any exemptions for the MBA programmes?

During a personal interview with a Programme Advisor, we will look at your education background and your work experience.  Based on this we will determine if you qualify for exemptions.

What if I do not have an organisation where I can carry out my projects during the MBA programme?

First, look within your own network for a company to which you can apply your assignments. Business School Netherlands has an international Alumni Network, including the alumni association Tractus. Many MBA graduates indicate that they would like to offer students the opportunity to carry out projects with them. For more information, contact our Programme Advisor.

What size of organisation is required to undertake projects during the MBA programme?

At least 10 – 15 employees in the organisation are needed to properly carry out analyses and projects during the MBA course. Is your organisation not big enough because you are self-employed, for example? Analyses and projects during the MBA course may then also be carried out in another organisation. Think, for example, of an NGO or sports club of considerable size.

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