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Our Masterclasses in Food Security and Water Management empower professionals to excel in their respective fields by providing essential skills and knowledge on a Master’s education level. These Masterclasses also offer credits towards specialised Online Action Learning MBAs, making them a valuable investment in your career growth.

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Instant return on investment with our masterclasses

By applying the Action Learning method, you learn to solve complex and urgent issues and implement changes directly within your own organisation. In this way, our short training courses provide direct returns both for your personal development and for the growth of your organisation. In short: a win-win situation.


What others say about BSN

The MBA lesson on Action Learning is an interactive session where you receive immediately applicable tools and guidance!

Vincent Schreijer

Vincent Schreijer

Manager Expertise & Logistics Roadside Assistance at ANWB

The most significant advantage was the opportunity to work on real challenges presented by my employer.

Robert Koolen

Robert Koolen

Director of Sustainable Development at Heijmans.

The knowledge gained on various business aspects has enriched my overall expertise and position as an HR Manager.

Jahaira Boasman

HR Manager, Social & Health Insurances

The Action Learning MBA programme from BSN proved to be a tremendous enrichment for my personal development

Roos Herman

Roos Herman

Director at Library West-Brabant

The Management and Leadership Course provides me with insight into my personal qualities and those of others.

Annemieke Krikke

Annemieke Krikke

Manager at Amerpoort

An Action Learning session is successful for me when students initiate interventions themselves and I, as a coach, have become almost unnecessary.

Willem Looije

Willem Looije

Action Learning coach at BSN
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