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Our approach

When it comes to in-company training, our approach encourages change at both individual and organisational level by developing people and organisation in parallel using the SDC model. This model is based on Action Learning.

Our approach

The Sustainable Development Compass (SDC) based on Action Learning

Our approach encourages change at both individual and organisational level by developing people and organisation in parallel using the SDC model. This model is based on Action Learning. With it, we accurately identify the challenges, facilitate the learning process at each level with practical cases from the participants and support practical application for sustainable impact. The SDC model transforms theoretical knowledge into concrete practical results, focusing on each participant’s unique challenges for measurable progress and lasting organisational growth. This model strengthens organisations and individuals in six steps.

The introspective phase

This is where all parties gain insight into their unique talents, competences, obstacles and motivations.
Our process strengthens organisations and individuals.


Requirements analysis

We work with the client to identify organisational challenges and requirements.

Introspective phase


Action Learning Session

Together with the team and stakeholders, we define the challenges, resulting in an action plan.

Introspective phase

The development phase

In this phase, we translate the challenges, desired impact level, capabilities, talents and drivers within the organisation into an effective customised programme.


Programme development

Based on a thorough analysis, we design a customised learning or development programme, tailored to the goals and needs.

Development phase



We launch the programme with hands-on projects and personal action plans.

Development phase


Evaluation and coaching

Through an evaluation session and coaching, we support personal development and achievement of results.

Development phase


Presentation and reflection

Participants present their action plans and results, followed by an (anonymous) evaluation to identify developments and trends.

Development phase


What movement do you want to make?

Organisations face unique challenges; our topics offer insights into business, leadership and change.
What are your key issues?


Sense of urgency

Creating a sense of urgency can be difficult in an environment where change is slow to be accepted. Companies may struggle to convince stakeholders of the need for quick action.

Analyse market changes; Motivate leaders; Develop communication strategies.


Leading Coalition

Building a leading coalition requires strong leadership and collaboration skills. A challenge can be bringing together diverse groups with different interests and achieving consensus.

Building multidisciplinary team; Developing leadership; Strategies for collaboration.


Strategy & ESG’s

Developing a strategy that integrates environmental, social and governance aspects can be complex. Companies can struggle with measuring ESG performance and integrating it into their business strategy

Integrate ESG goals; Promote awareness for ESG; Change organisational culture.


Digital Transition

Digitisation requires significant investment in technology and training. Companies may face challenges in keeping up with rapidly changing technologies and ensuring cybersecurity.

Assessing technology needs; Leadership in digital innovation; Training employees.


Sustainable Business Administrations

Sustainable business requires taking a long-term view and balancing economic with environmental and social goals. Challenges may include redesigning business processes and changing corporate culture.

Sustainable business processes; Leading sustainable practices; Culture change.


Redefine Value Chain

Redefining the value chain towards a more sustainable approach can be complicated. Companies may struggle to adapt their supply chain and ensure sustainability with suppliers.

Value chain analysis; Sustainable supply chains; Implementing sustainable practices.


Share Knowledge

Knowledge sharing requires good communication channels and a culture open to learning. Challenges include overcoming information silos within organisations and fostering collaboration.

Knowledge management systems; Leadership in fostering a learning environment; Organisational learning strategies.



Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure (CSRD) and ESG reporting require accurate data collection and transparency. A challenge can be producing reliable reports that adequately inform stakeholders.

CSR and ESG reporting processes; Ethical leadership; Culture of responsibility.



Maintaining high ethical standards in all aspects of business can be challenging, especially in diverse cultural and geographical contexts. Companies can struggle with maintaining consistency in ethical practices.

Ethical guidelines; Ethical leadership; Encouraging an ethical corporate culture.



Taking responsibility for corporate actions, especially in terms of social and environmental impact, is challenging. It often requires a change in mindset and business practices.

CSR; Taking responsibility; Culture of social responsibility.



Focusing on results and measuring performance can be tricky, especially when it comes to qualitative aspects such as employee satisfaction or customer relations.

Performance measurement; Results-oriented leadership; Results-oriented mindset.



Measuring the impact of business activities, both positive and negative, on society and the environment is complex. Challenges include defining impact indicators and collecting relevant data.

Measuring organisational impact; Leadership in sustainability; Strategies for positive impact.


What others say about us

I used to be too self-focused and didn't pay enough attention to others. Through Action Learning, I now understand how inefficient this approach is.

Wilbert Moorman

Wilbert Moorman

Action Learning coach at BSN

The Management and Leadership Course provides me with insight into my personal qualities and those of others.

Annemieke Krikke

Annemieke Krikke

Manager at Amerpoort

The Action Learning MBA programme from BSN proved to be a tremendous enrichment for my personal development

Roos Herman

Roos Herman

Director at Library West-Brabant

Thanks to my Action Learning MBA at Business School Netherlands, I have truly grown and become more of a business expert.

Esmee Rouwhof

Esmee Rouwhof

Relationship Manager for the Corporate Market for Arnhem & De Achterhoek at Liander.

I chose BSN's MBA because it's not only theoretical but also directly applicable to the projects you undertake within your own organisation.

Marlou Mulders

Marlou Mulders

Commercial Director at Prins Petfoods

Programme Advice

How can we assist your organisation?

Do you want to analyse your organisation’s challenges more effectively? Or do you wish to equip your team with essential business and leadership skills to future-proof your organisation?

BSN can assist your organisation with tailor-made Corporate Training programmes.

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