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We are here for everyone who wants to make a difference. We change together; not from the top, but at the table with each other. Together we are the new generation addressing the urgent and complex challenges of today and tomorrow.

Therefore Corporate Training

Sustainable learning development with maximum impact

Sustainable development with a lasting impact on the entire organisation. This is the approach of our corporate training programmes. All your teams, managers, executives and experts are the most important link within your organisation to initiate change.

We choose the appropriate methodology, knowledge and skills so that your organisation learns to develop sustainably and make a difference. We do this with our corporate training team of experts such as consultants and our alumni in various business roles, tutors and coaches.


What others say about BSN

I used to be too self-focused and didn't pay enough attention to others. Through Action Learning, I now understand how inefficient this approach is.

Wilbert Moorman

Wilbert Moorman

Action Learning coach at BSN

The Management and Leadership Course provides me with insight into my personal qualities and those of others.

Annemieke Krikke

Annemieke Krikke

Manager at Amerpoort

The Action Learning MBA programme from BSN proved to be a tremendous enrichment for my personal development

Roos Herman

Roos Herman

Director at Library West-Brabant

Thanks to my Action Learning MBA at Business School Netherlands, I have truly grown and become more of a business expert.

Esmee Rouwhof

Esmee Rouwhof

Relationship Manager for the Corporate Market for Arnhem & De Achterhoek at Liander.

I chose BSN's MBA because it's not only theoretical but also directly applicable to the projects you undertake within your own organisation.

Marlou Mulders

Marlou Mulders

Commercial Director at Prins Petfoods


Why Corporate Training?

The benefits of Corporate Training at Business School Nederland

  • Content of your choice

    Collaborate with our practical instructors to tailor the learning pathway that aligns perfectly with your organisation.

  • Location of your choice

    Classes can run at your office, online or at Business School Netherlands in Cape Town.

  • Pace of your choice

    Define your study schedule in collaboration with Business School Nederland.

  • Business management experts

    All of our instructors have years of business management experience in various industries.

  • Action Learning

    This approach places practical issues at the forefront, and all assignments are carried out within your own work environment.

  • High ROI

    Our programmes lead to rapid improvements; thousands of assignments have been implemented by students with an immediate positive impact on their organizations.

Programme Advice

How can we assist your organisation?

Do you want to analyse your organisation’s challenges more effectively? Or do you wish to equip your team with essential business and leadership skills to future-proof your organisation?

BSN can assist your organisation with tailor-made Corporate Training programmes.

Contact Lisbé Hougaard at or +31 (0)344-579054.

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