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Why does your organisation learn? Start your customised in-company programme for collective development and sustainable success in business here.

Why Corporate Training

Sustainable learning development with maximum impact

In the dynamic landscape of business operations, continued innovation and development is essential for sustainable success.

Our in-company programmes offer a tailored approach to learning and development, directly integrated into the heartbeat of your organisation. Applying our Action Learning method, we set in motion a journey of change in which we not only sharpen individual capabilities, but also enhance the collective strength of the team. This enables the organisation to tackle any complex issue with maximum impact. That’s why organisations learn!

Tailor-made in-company

Our approach

Sustainable Development Compass

What movement does your organisation want to start? Face the challenge together and turn stagnation into a collective movement. Using the Sustainable Development Compass (SDC), discover in 6 steps which tailor-made programme fits your needs at individual, team and organisational level.


Why Corporate Training?

The benefits of Corporate Training at Business School Netherlands

  • Content of your choice

    Collaborate with our practical instructors to tailor a learning pathway that aligns perfectly with your organisation.

  • Location of your choice

    Classes can run at your office or online.

  • Pace of your choice

    Define your study schedule in collaboration with Business School Netherlands.

  • Business management experts

    All of our instructors have years of business management experience in various industries.

  • Action Learning

    This approach places practical issues at the forefront, and all assignments are carried out within your own work environment.

  • High ROI

    Our programmes lead to rapid improvements; thousands of assignments have been implemented by students with an immediate positive impact on their organisations.

Our clients

Programme Advice

How can we assist your organisation?

Do you want to analyse your organisation’s challenges more effectively? Or do you wish to equip your team with essential business and leadership skills to future-proof your organisation?

BSN can assist your organisation with tailor-made in-company training programmes.

Contact Lisbé Hougaard at or +31 (0)344-579054.

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