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The Certificate in Entrepreneurship is a comprehensive short course designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully plan and manage a small or medium-sized business. Throughout the program, you’ll gain insights into the entrepreneurship process, from initial planning to implementation. This course is tailored to help you identify promising business opportunities and adapt your strategies to the challenges faced by entrepreneurs. It follows the innovative Sense-Making Loop developed by Prof. Bernie van Zijl, a renowned business and startup expert at Business School Netherlands.

Upon completing the program, you’ll have a well-defined framework for making effective business decisions and fostering business growth. An official E-certificate from Business School Netherlands is awarded upon successful completion.

Features of the Online Action Learning Leadership Programme

  • Taught in English.
  • Delivered online in a combination of self-study and online interactive sessions.
  • You’ll learn important decision-making skills and analytical strategies for implementing business plans.
  • You’ll enjoy individual mentoring and guidance from a business and start-up expert.
  • Take part in interactive group sessions and share your ideas, challenges and questions.
  • 10-12 participants per group.

The course takes place over 5 weeks with 1 orientation week

The course content follows the Sense-making Loop, which focuses on the following components:

  1. Management of Uncertainties: Identifying and prioritising SME risks
  2. Conversation Partners: A networked and interpersonal approach to Business Coaching
  3. Goal-setting
  4. Planning Process: Financial, Marketing, and Strategic Business decisions
  5. Programme Knowledge: High Impact Management Strategies, 360 Degrees in Marketing, Fundamentals of Finance, Art of Questions
  6. Cashflow Optimising
  7. Shared Understanding

Course Delivery

  • 30 Hours per Week for 5 Weeks
  • 3x Saturday Zoom Workshop Sessions
  • 15 Hours per Week – Self-directed Learning Activities
  • 4 Hours per Week – Online Learning
  • 3 Hours per Week – Discussions and Reflection
  • 4 Hours per Week – Use it Now (practical implementation)


Assessments will take place after each unit.

Who it's for
  1. Aspiring Entrepreneurs: The course is designed for individuals who aspire to become entrepreneurs or are in the early stages of starting their own businesses. They should have a strong interest in developing their entrepreneurial skills and launching successful ventures.
  2. Business Enthusiasts: Students who have a genuine passion for business, innovation, and problem-solving would thrive in this course. They should be excited about learning how to manage various aspects of a business and adapt their strategies to different situations.
  3. Open to Learning: The ideal student should be open-minded and eager to learn. Since the course covers a range of topics related to entrepreneurship, including uncertainties, goal-setting, planning, finance, marketing, and more, a willingness to explore new concepts is essential.
  4. Adaptability: Entrepreneurship often involves dealing with uncertain and changing circumstances. Students who are adaptable, flexible, and capable of adjusting their strategies based on new information and market dynamics will benefit greatly from the course’s teachings.
  5. Networking Mindset: A strong emphasis is placed on the importance of interpersonal skills and networking. Students who value building relationships and understand the benefits of a networked approach to business coaching and growth will find the course valuable.
  6. Analytical Thinkers: The course covers components such as managing uncertainties, financial planning, and strategic decision-making. Students who are comfortable with analyzing data, evaluating risks, and making informed choices would excel in these areas.
  7. Goal-Oriented: The course emphasizes goal-setting and achievement. Ideal students should have a proactive attitude toward setting and pursuing both short-term and long-term goals for their businesses.
  8. Strong Communication Skills: Given the focus on conversation partners and shared understanding, students who can effectively communicate their ideas, ask pertinent questions, and engage in meaningful discussions will maximize their learning experience.
  9. Entrepreneurial Spirit: The course’s intention is to equip students with the skills needed to run a successful business. An entrepreneurial spirit, including a willingness to take calculated risks and pursue innovative ideas, is a crucial aspect.

Remember that while these characteristics describe the ideal student, individuals with varying backgrounds and experiences can benefit from the course. The key is to have a strong interest in entrepreneurship, business management, and a commitment to learning and growing in these areas.


Fee Options:

  • EUR 1,950 (VAT Exempt)
  • EUR 680 (VAT Exempt) – Sustainable Development Goals scholarship fee applicable to applicants from Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean

Included: Study materials, online coaching, and assessments

How to Apply

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Step 1 (optional) : Schedule a personal consultation

During a personal consultation you will receive a detailed explanation of the programme and will have the opportunity to ask all your questions. In addition, our advisor will work with you to see whether this program is in line with your work, ambitions and curriculum and whether you qualify for exemptions.

Step 2: Fill out the online application form

It’s important to fill out the application correctly and attach all the supporting documents requested.  As soon as we receive your application, you will be sent an email with instructions of your next steps.

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Start date
15 June 2023
Registration deadline
05 June 2023
€1.950,- (Tax-free)* € 680 - Sustainable Development Goals Scholaship fee applicable to applicants from Africa, Asie, and the Caribbean
Duration of programme
5 weeks
30 hours per week
Coaching session
Number of participants


What others say about BSN

This MBA equipped me with problem-solving skills, comprehensive business knowledge, and the ability to apply it; all of which remains relevant after many years.

Renier Snyman

Group Human Resources Manager at Komati Fruit Group

BSN's MBA trial lesson on Action Learning convinced me to choose the business school. Here, theory and practice truly come together!

Jeannette Vermeer

Jeannette Vermeer

Manager of Housing & Facilities at Philadelphia Care

The Masterclass from Business School Netherlands has given me confidence and direction in terms of strategy, power and leadership.

Machteld Diks v/d Hoogenhoff

Machteld Diks v/d Hoogenhoff

Manager at Tax Collaboration Rivierenland

The knowledge gained on various business aspects has enriched my overall expertise and position as an HR Manager.

Jahaira Boasman

HR Manager, Social & Health Insurances

The Management and Leadership Course provides me with insight into my personal qualities and those of others.

Annemieke Krikke

Annemieke Krikke

Manager at Amerpoort

Thanks to the short course in leadership from Business School Netherlands, I am now better equipped to define and manage the vision of my business.

Harold Rijper

Harold Rijper

Consultant at Parnassia Group.
Action Learning MBA - alumnus

BSN develops great leaders who

are responsible
You look ahead and contribute solutions to today's challenges.
initiates change
You build trust among all stakeholders in the organisation, encourage collaboration and different views, and ensure structured teamwork.
makes informed decisions
You understand the organisation and the urgency of change, and create value, bringing improvements that are realistic.
are results-driven
You go for real results with a focus on impact, working towards clear goals for the future and ensuring that they are actually achieved.

Our tutors have earned their stripes extensively in the field. In addition to their field experience, they also have a good understanding of business models and strategies, making them uniquely capable of bridging the gap between strategy and practice.

Bernie van Zijl

Information & International Management

Through Action Learning, I am able to ask better questions that help me delve into the root causes of a problem and uncover the true issue at hand.

Arjan Epskamp
Environmental Manager at Rijkswaterstaat West-Netherlands North.
Action Learning MBA - Arjan Epskamp

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Frequently-asked Questions

We have listed frequently-asked questions for you. Is your question not listed? Then get in touch.

Can you provide more information about the Sense-Making Loop and its role in the programme?

The Sense-Making Loop is a proprietary framework developed by Prof. Bernie van Zijl, a leading expert in the field of business and startups. This innovative approach serves as the foundation of the Certificate in Entrepreneurship programme. The Sense-Making Loop guides you through the process of understanding, analyzing, and responding to the challenges and uncertainties faced by entrepreneurs. It helps you make informed decisions by systematically considering various factors and perspectives, ultimately leading to effective business strategies.

What are the prerequisites for enrolling in the Certificate in Entrepreneurship programme?

To enroll in the Certificate in Entrepreneurship program, you should have successfully obtained a NQF Level 5 certificate or an equivalent qualification. This prerequisite ensures that participants have a foundational understanding of business concepts, making them better equipped to engage with the programme content.

Whether you’re a business enthusiast, aspiring entrepreneur, or looking to further develop your business skills, meeting this prerequisite will help you make the most of the course. If you have questions about equivalency or eligibility, our program advisors are available to assist you in assessing your qualifications.

Action Learning MBA - studieadviseurs

Programme Advice

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We are happy to help you with personal and non-binding programme advice.

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