MBA Programmes

We offer a professional (online) MBA programme that distinguishes itself through the combination of practicality, the use of English and personalised coaching. Together with professionals from various industries, you develop your management skills and leadership qualities.

You delve into the essential management aspects and broaden your knowledge at the strategic level. You then learn how to use this effectively in resolving your management issues and successfully implementing changes. This provides direct returns for your personal growth and the further development of your organisation. In short: a win-win situation.

International Action Learning MBA

The International MBA Programme, the work-study-travel MBA Solution by Business School Netherlands is, a blended learning programme, combining virtual (online) classes and residential conferences in the Netherlands. Ideal for the business traveller considering a distance learning MBA.
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Business School Netherlands offers you the possibility to add a Major to your MBA degree. Completing a Major guarantees that you have completed a specialisation in a specific field or industry in addition to the generalistic MBA course. You complete the major by following the Masterclass, writing an additional assignment and writing your dissertation on the Major subject.
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