Food and Agriculture Business Models

Introduction to Agribusiness

Certificate: Food & Agriculture Business Models

Start or Expand Your Agriculture/Agribusiness Education


As global agriculture value chains grow, knowing how to build a scaleable agribusiness model has become a deciding factor between success and failure for agribusiness professionals and entrepreneurs.

The Food and Agriculture Business Models short course teaches you how to set up and plan your business model in the agri-value chain. Through a detailed set of 15 lessons, 2 case studies, and 2 expert videos, you’ll get the best foundation for building your business.

Offered in partnership between Business School Netherlands and The Institute of Food and Agribusiness Leadership (IFAL), powered through the Agribusiness Academy digital student platform.

This course offers a very affordable option to explore the BSN-Agribusiness Academy approach and engage with the latest content in the agriculture/agribusiness field. Our course expert will also be available to guide you when you are ready to take your agri-studies further.


What Will You Learn?

The course is delivered online with full support from Agribusiness Academy. You will work through 15 lessons that teach you how to design, implement and improve your business plan in agribusiness or agriculture.

Specifically, this course helps you to understand:

  1. Formal business structures suitable for different agricultural value creation operations (for-profit private operations, cooperative structure, and social enterprises)
  2. The approach to designing the four key business model components (differentiated value proposition, distribution channel aligned with the value proposition, committed chain partnerships, and sustainability elements)
  3. The difference between a business model and a business plan

Agriculture field


Are You New to Agribusiness or Agriculture?

The Food and Agriculture Business Models course is the perfect starting point for newcomers and professionals alike. All BSN-Agribusiness Academy and BSN-IFAL programmes require you to have completed this course before proceeding further.

Upon completion of this course, you are able to study further in Agribusiness with various industry-relevant qualifications such as the Mini MBA in Food and Agribusiness Leadership.

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