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Action Learning: learn to act, act to learn

Food and Agribusiness in a Digital age

Train-the-Trainer Programme

Want to build a critical understanding of the Food & Agribusiness sector? Looking to develop a business by training professionals or students? If so, this programme from Agribusiness Academy and Business School Netherlands is perfect for you.

Learning & coaching from Food & Agribusiness experts covering:
  • Disruptive food value chains
  • AgriFoodTech Innovations
  • Novel Foods and changing consumer preferences
  • Food sustainability and sustainable development
  • Food distribution and retail developments
Upon completion of the programme participants will be able to:
  • Understand the profitable growth opportunities within the global food & agribusiness sector that is digitizing at a rapid pace;
  • Correctly formulate business dilemmas in Food and Agribusiness, both in local and international contexts;
  • Enact practical frameworks to address identified business dilemmas, recognize the strength in business successes and the opportunities for improvement;
  • Develop innovative, scalable strategies for business growth;
  • Communicate and collaborate with a diverse group of team members.
We are looking for you, if you…
  • Have a passion for solving the world’s problems from the ground up by training the Food & Agribusiness sector to make positive changes
  • Want to create an impact in the world through education
  • Be capable of delivering training internally or in an entrepreneurial mode
Why choose BSN?
  • One of the oldest and largest business schools in The Netherlands
  • Active for more than 30 years in developing and offering MBA and DBA Programmes
  • Thousands of Action Learning Projects have been implemented worldwide
  • A worldwide dynamic alumni network
  • Experienced coaches and tutors from various industries
  • Ideally, applicants should have 5+ years of experience in the food & agribusiness sector or in training/developing people with a passion for the sector.
  • Applicants should be passionate about improving their local sector and have demonstrable networks to roll out the programme to.
  • Applicants should have good internet access and a good working knowledge of online platforms.
Programme Overview

Modules are designed around African business cases, a highly interactive approach that ensures continued industry relevance of the learning. During the on-location interactive sessions, leading sector experts will cover current food & agribusiness developments & dilemmas through real-life case studies. Learners are challenged to critically evaluate business models using a mix of Harvard-style case studies and participants’ businesses. Further learning will be available from Agribusiness Academy, with six months’ access to 200 online courses.

Learning model

Each day contains:

  • Morning session of theory work and a case study
  • Afternoon session of group case work and presentational feedback

The programme also contains:

  • Participant’s business cases and Harvard businesses cases used contextually throughout the program
  • Preparatory online learning from world leading experts on Food & Agribusiness trends and technologies
  • Six months’ access to over 200 digital courses to expand knowledge and inspire action in the workplace
  • Consistently active discussion forums online
  • Presentations, executive summaries and quizzes
  • Certificates for program completion
Programme schedule

Day 1: Disruptive Food Value chains
Day 2: AgriFood Tech’s Value to the Food Value Chain
Day 3: Novel Foods and Changing Consumer Preferences
Day 4: Food Sustainability and Sustainable Development
Day 5: Food Distribution and Retail Developments

For more information about the program schedule, you can request a brochure.

Start date

On-Location Dates
10th-14th September 2019

Study cost

EUR 3,510

  • Accommodation and meals


  • Flights, visa and insurance

Specialised scholarships are available up to 50% and awarded on a case-by-case basis.


Online courses within the Food and Agribusiness Management program have been developed and taught by experts who are widely-recognized thought leaders, educators, researchers, and entrepreneurs.

On-Location Facilitators

BSN Tutor Vijayender NallaDr. Vijayender Nalla – Program Lead

Vijayender is the founder and managing director of RVJ Agribusiness Academy. RVJ Agribusiness academy orchestrates on-demand training and innovation demands of professionals and students in food and agribusiness. Prior to taking up entrepreneurship in 2009, he worked at Nyenrode Business University, Netherlands, National Institute of Technology, Warangal India and several other places. Over the course of his entrepreneurial journey, he has worked on several disruptive food chain projects in Europe, Asia and Africa. Specifically, in the area of food & agribusiness, he has been publishing, training and coaching on a range of topics that include, building robust food value chains of the future, go-to-market strategies, technology choice strategies and frameworks for addressing the food security. He has a PhD in supply chain management from Nyenrode Business University in the Netherlands.

Eric Aloa
Tatiana LeGrand
And Guest local industry speakers.

Online Interactive sessions & Self-paced Learning

Prof. Steven Sonka
Afton Halloran
Marcos Fava Neves
Dr David Hughes
Jacinta Uramah-Eze
Kenneth Zuckerberg
And many more through the course library.

‘”I see business possibilities that never existed before for me. I believe more in my ability to change the world through food security.’

Tiny Mabasa

South Africa

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