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Certificate in Entrepreneurship for Women in Agribusiness

Build Your Agribusiness with a Mentorship Training Programme For Women by Women


The Certificate in Entrepreneurship for Women in Agribusiness is a fully supported online course to support you as a female farmer, entrepreneur, and professional in launching and expanding your agribusiness idea or company.

It is offered in partnership between Business School Netherlands and The Institute of Food and Agribusiness Leadership (IFAL), powered through the Agribusiness Academy digital student platform.


What You’ll Learn

It is a 26-week course designed as a community learning programme where you’ll learn how to make your agribusiness more profitable and you’ll also interact and share ideas with other female entrepreneurs.

There will be regular online sessions to discuss ideas, refine your business model and work through challenges that women often face.

You’ll cover many important topics such as:

  • Designing and Implementing Your Business Model
  • Minimising Wastage and Improving Your Business’ Sustainability
  • Modernising Your Business Through Data Monitoring and Agritech
  • Building Profitable and Sustainable Distribution Strategies and Facing Your Strategic Issues
  • Improving the Profitability of Your Business 
  • Sourcing Produce and Materials
  • Learn How To Improve from Case Studies and more


What Makes This Course Unique?

The Certificate in Entrepreneurship for Women in Agribusiness is a unique course that provides you with a safe and supportive space to share your stories, ideas, and challenges with a group of fellow women who face similar situations and environments.

Coaching sessions are included but are not compulsory. You can choose to attend as much or as little coaching as you feel you’ll need.

Features of the Certificate in Entrepreneurship for Women in Agribusiness 
  • Taught in English
  • 6 months 
  • Weekly online interactive sessions
  • 10 Modules
  • Gain valuable management and Agritech skills
  • Part-time and online studying with a flexible timetable
  • A background in Agribusiness or food security would be advantageous.
  • Reliable internet and email access
  • Admissions are strictly reserved for female applicants
  • We strongly recommend completing the Food and Agriculture Business Models course before continuing with a BSN-Agribusiness Academy programme

The Certificate in Entrepreneurship for Women in Agribusiness is delivered online over a 26 week period with regular, but optional group coaching sessions. Students will have access to the Agribusiness Academy companion app and Q & A workshops to support their studies.

Recommended study time per week is 4-6 hours

The Certificate in Entrepreneurship for Women in Agribusiness is a comprehensive course that covers the following topics and themes:
  • Analysis of the Design of Food Designs
  • How to Build a Circular Food Chains: The Case of NoFood Wasted
  • Recall Management in Food Supply Chains
  • Big Data Applications in Cold Chain Logistics
  • Value Chain Design Workshop
  • Path to Profitability Exercise
  • Innovations in Horticulture Supply Chains
  • How to Create Sustainable Businesses out of Food Losses and Waste
  • Strategic Sourcing in the Food Industry
  • Creating Value out of Food Losses and Waste
  • Agribusiness and Food Sustainability Trends
  • The Case of NatureBox
  • The Case of Cropin
  • Beyond Big Data: The Case of Digital Agriculture
  • Dynamics of Digital Agriculture
  • Agrifood Tech Business Model Design
  • Blockchain in Agrifood – The Case of SIM: Supply Chain Information Management
  • Value Proposition Insights and Cases
  • Distribution Strategy Insights
  • Chain Partnership Frameworks and Insights
  • Sustainability Elements, Insights and Cases

Students will have access to the Agribusiness Academy learning companion app which gives direct access to facilitators, the peer groups, as well as bonus customised learning content.

Start Dates 2024

To be announced

*Business School Netherlands and Agribusiness Academy reserve the right to postpone a start date should the required number of participants not be reached for a specific start date.

Programme Fees

Once off: $ 999 USD

Two Terms: 2 x $ 500 USD

Four Terms: 4 x $ 262 USD

Online courses within the Food and Agribusiness Management program have been developed and taught by experts who are widely-recognized thought leaders, educators, researchers, and entrepreneurs.

On-Location Facilitators

BSN Tutor Vijayender NallaDr. Vijayender Nalla – Program Lead
Vijayender is the founder and managing director of Agribusiness Academy. Agribusiness Academy orchestrates on-demand training and innovation demands of professionals and students in food and agribusiness. Prior to taking up entrepreneurship in 2009, he worked at Nyenrode Business University, Netherlands, National Institute of Technology, Warangal India and several other places. Over the course of his entrepreneurial journey, he has worked on several disruptive food chain projects in Europe, Asia and Africa. Specifically, in the area of food & agribusiness, he has been publishing, training and coaching on a range of topics that include, building robust food value chains of the future, go-to-market strategies, technology choice strategies and frameworks for addressing the food security. He has a PhD in supply chain management from Nyenrode Business University in the Netherlands.
Connect with Dr Vijayender here


Dr David HughesDr-David-Hughes is a much sought-after speaker at international conferences and seminars on global food industry issues, particularly consumer and retail trends.

David has lived and worked in Europe, North America, the Caribbean, Africa and South East Asia and has extensive experience as an international advisory board member with food companies and financial service organisations on three continents.

For 20 years, he was a Non-Executive Director of Berry Gardens Ltd – a U.K. farmer-owned berry fruit business (£230 million turnover in 2015). With his American business partner, David established, grew and sold a branded fresh produce business which served supermarkets in the USA. Around the globe, he works with food and beverage supply chain companies – including farm input, growers, manufacturers and ingredient companies, retailers and food service firms – to assist them in management training, strategy and Board level decision-making. David’s views are frequently sought by TV, radio and the printed press.

Graham Booysen

Graham Booysen
BSN | Programme Advisor
E-mail: gbooysen@bsn.eu

Women in Agribusiness
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