Benefits of In-Company Programmes

The Action Learning methodology is central to our education, which means that employees will be involved in the customisation of solutions which are unique to the company’s challenges.

BSN enables cooperation between students or colleagues. Challenges are analysed and solutions are implemented.

What are the Benefits for your Organisation?

In addition to creating MBA-trained employees, the MBA programme also results in rapid improvement in several areas:

Company-wide Improvements

  • Processes run better;
  • Communication is smoother and more perspectives are taken into consideration;
  • Results are achieved faster with less wastage;
  • Additional costs for hiring external consultants are avoided. Employees are trained as in-house consultants

Forging Stronger Bonds in Organisational Teams

Employees carry out projects within the organisation, which leads to greater networking and bonding within the company. Employees will:

  • Become more passionate about their the work, as they are more personally invested in the outcomes;
  • Develop better methods of managing resistance;
  • Deliver faster work;
  • Become better strategic discussion partners;
  • Develop skills as consultants and are multi-employable;
  • Achieve organisational objectives faster

Empower Leaders

Action Learning develops new perspectives and modifies employee behaviour by teaching them to:

  • Analyse by looking at a problem from different angles
  • Investigate different solution scenarios;
  • Make systematic decisions;
  • Work together with colleagues to come up with analysis and solutions;
  • Clarify the exact nature of the problem
  • Leverage synergy;
  • Deal with rapid change;
  • Become relationship managers with professional knowledge


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