It’s all about you!
On the evening of June 22, 2017, Stedman Graham (Oprah Winfrey’s life partner), Charles Ruffolo (The NetworKing) and Joseph Oubelkas (author of “400 Letters from My Mom”) are jointly visiting Business School Netherlands. They will talk about the different angles, power sources, inspiration / motivation and resilience from the core of their own identity and its development.

The BSN Identity Seminar allows participants to become aware of the power of their own (organisational) identity and let them find the most important aspects of this identity, namely: the driving forces and deeper core values. This ensures that you remain loyal to yourself and / or your organisation, and from that discipline take a clear position towards customers, competitors, stakeholders and society.

Do not miss this unique event!

As this seminar will be held in the Netherlands, we offer the possibility to follow this event through a live stream. You can watch the video up to 30 days after broadcasting it. Price for this live stream: EUR 5,- You can submit by leaving your contact details or click on the following registration link:

During the event we will also go live on both Facebook and Instagram. Follow us and stay tuned.

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