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Organisational Well-being and Leadership with Dr. Lee Kingma

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Dr. Lee Kingma brings a unique blend of academic knowledge and practical application to her role as a Master Coach and human resources expert. With a doctorate in Human Resources and an MBA, her career spans several years in corporate HR, showcasing a deep passion for Talent Development. Describing herself as a ‘pracademic,’ Lee skilfully combines theory, extensive experience, and instinctual wisdom in her coaching and facilitation practices.

Leading HR Excellence with Passion

Dr. Kingma’s expertise encompasses critical areas such as Coaching, Leadership Facilitation, Team Dynamics, Relationship Mediation, and Motivating Teams. Her background as a former HR executive at Juta Publishing for 13 years, where she coached and mentored employees, has equipped her with the skills to manage complex challenges in the workplace. She firmly believes that people are an organisation’s most valuable asset and that through generative conversations and proper guidance, their true potential can be unlocked. Her role is dedicated to enriching lives by equipping individuals with the necessary tools to achieve their goals and flourish in their professional environments, focusing on organisational well-being and leadership.

Blending Knowledge with Practical Wisdom

Dr. Kingma’s academic achievements and teaching roles underscore her commitment to enhancing workplace dynamics and leadership effectiveness. She holds a Doctorate in Human Resources Management and an MBA, which complement her extensive experience in the HR field. Her professional journey includes designing and facilitating numerous training programmes and presenting at international conferences, highlighting her ability to communicate complex concepts in an accessible manner. Her approach consistently integrates the principles of organisational well-being and leadership.

Join Us for Insights on Organisational Well-being

At the BSN Global Alumni Conference, Dr. Kingma will enrich the “Wellness & Wealth Creation” theme by focusing on organisational well-being. Are you curious about how effective leadership and a supportive work environment contribute to overall wellness and organisational success? Her session promises to provide actionable insights into fostering an environment where both individuals and teams can thrive. Attendees will learn how to harness the full potential of human resources to create a more dynamic and productive workplace, emphasising organisational well-being and leadership.

What Will You Learn?

Dr. Kingma’s presentation offers practical strategies for business professionals looking to improve their workplace culture and leadership effectiveness. You will learn how to implement techniques that enhance well-being and productivity, leading to a more engaged and motivated workforce. How can these strategies transform your organisation? By focusing on organisational well-being and leadership, you can drive both individual and team success, resulting in improved organisational outcomes.

Creating a Thriving Workplace

Do you know how to create a supportive work environment that drives organisational success? Dr. Kingma will explore strategies to integrate leadership development and well-being practices into your business. What if you could motivate your teams and improve workplace dynamics to achieve better results? These are the insights that Dr. Kingma will provide, helping you to understand the importance of organisational well-being and leadership in driving success and offering practical steps to implement these strategies.

Inspiring Change and Growth

Dr. Kingma’s journey is a testament to the power of combining academic knowledge with practical application to drive significant change in the workplace. Her insights into organisational well-being and leadership are invaluable for business leaders aiming to enhance their organisational culture. By attending her session, you will gain practical strategies to improve your workplace and drive your organisation’s success.

To bring hope and clarity to my clients using my powers of resilience, humour, and life wisdom so that I, my family, and all whom I connect with may have more ease.

Dr Lee Kingma

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from Dr. Lee Kingma and other thought leaders at the BSN Global Alumni Conference. Imagine the possibilities that new knowledge and strategies could unlock for your business. Register now to be part of a transformative event that will empower you to thrive both personally and professionally.

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