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Leverage Cultural Intelligence for Global Business Expansion

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Dr. Okechukwu (“Okey”) Okere brings nearly 25 years of experience as a corporate leader, consultant, trainer, and investor to our upcoming Virtual Global Alumni Conference. With expertise in business analysis, strategy, risk management, and organisational culture, his insights are valuable for business professionals looking to thrive in the global marketplace. Learn how cultural intelligence is transforming international business strategies and driving global business expansion.

He serves as the Managing Partner of The Culture Factor Group’s Africa regional office, leading assignments across Africa and Europe. His career includes significant roles at Agusto Consulting Limited, Food Concepts Plc, and Kimberly Ryan. With academic credentials from the Federal University of Technology Owerri and Business School Netherlands, Okey is a certified organisational culture and intercultural management professional, as well as a Prosci® Certified Change Practitioner.

How Can Cultural Intelligence Transform Your Business?

Cultural Intelligence is critical in a globalised business environment. It involves understanding and leveraging cultural differences to enhance communication, build strong relationships, and drive business success. Okey’s presentation, “Strategies for Global Expansion: Navigating Digital Transformation and Cultural Intelligence in Scaling Businesses Across Borders,” will delve into the importance of cultural awareness and adaptability.

In international business, cultural intelligence helps organisations navigate the complexities of global markets, align organisational culture with strategic goals, and embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion. These elements are foundational for success in scaling businesses across borders. By incorporating cultural intelligence, companies can manage risks more effectively, enhance their reputation, and drive sustainable growth.

What to Expect

Dr. Okere’s extensive experience and expertise make him a leading voice in cultural intelligence. He will provide attendees with practical strategies to leverage cultural intelligence for business expansion. His approach includes:

  • Understanding the intricacies of global markets and how to navigate them successfully.
  • Aligning organisational culture with strategic business goals to ensure cohesive and effective operations.
  • Embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion to foster innovation and drive performance.

His guidance is not just theoretical; it is grounded in years of practical application. He has advised senior executives and led successful cultural transformation initiatives. His deep understanding of both the African and international business landscapes offers a unique perspective that is highly valuable to anyone looking to expand globally.

Understanding and leveraging cultural differences can transform an organisation’s ability to communicate and collaborate across borders.

Okey Okere

Why Should You Attend This Conference?

Grow your understanding of cultural intelligence and its applications in international business. Dr. Okere’s expertise in cultural intelligence and global business expansion strategies makes him an exceptional speaker for our conference. His insights offer valuable lessons for any business professional looking to embrace cultural diversity and drive long-term success.

Register now and secure your spot at the Virtual Global Alumni Conference.

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