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ESG Frameworks: Hinrich Slobbe on Sustainable Finance

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Hinrich Slobbe, an Associate Professor of Financial Management at BSN since 1995, is renowned for his engaging and dynamic teaching style. He masterfully combines humour with rigorous, sometimes challenging techniques, making complex financial concepts both accessible and memorable for his students. With a career spanning over four decades, Hinrich offers profound insights into financial control, management reporting, and sustainability. His dedication to financial education has shaped countless professionals who now lead successful careers in various industries, and his expertise in ESG frameworks is instrumental in promoting sustainable business practices.

Hinrich Slobbe has a robust career spanning over 35 years as a financial advisor and trainer. He began his professional journey as a teacher in secondary and higher vocational education and later moved into the corporate and public sectors. He founded H.C.A. Slobbe Holding B.V., through which he continues to offer financial consulting services. His work includes advising both SMEs and listed companies on cost-effectiveness, financing issues, risk management, and result optimisation. Hinrich has conducted numerous training sessions for management teams, often leading to advisory roles in implementing financial strategies. His practical approach and extensive experience have made him a valuable asset in the fields of financial control and management reporting.

At our upcoming Virtual Global Alumni Conference, we are excited to hear his presentation as he is a pivotal figure in financial education. This event is a must-attend for alumni, students, and business professionals eager to learn how ESG frameworks are transforming financial strategies and fostering sustainable business practices. Under the theme “Setting the Scene for Sustainability – ESG / SDG,” Hinrich will explore the critical role of financial management in sustainability, highlighting how finance professionals can leverage ESG frameworks to lead and drive sustainable transformations in their organisations.

How Can ESG Frameworks Transform Your Business?

The ESG Framework is revolutionising how businesses approach sustainability. Hinrich’s insights into ESG frameworks are valuable for anyone looking to integrate environmental, social, and governance criteria into their financial strategies. ESG frameworks help businesses manage risk, enhance reputation, and drive long-term value. By incorporating ESG principles, companies can ensure compliance with regulations like CSRD, SFDR, and CSDDD, while also promoting sustainable business practices.

His extensive experience includes advising both SMEs and listed companies on cost-effectiveness, financing issues, risk management, and result optimisation. His work at BSN, leading the ‘Risk Management’ theme day and utilising the Action Learning method, provides students with practical approaches to tackle real-world problems, offering immediate benefits to their organisations.

A Unique Approach

Hinrich’s ability to simplify complex financial concepts and his deep understanding of the evolving regulatory landscape make his approach unique. His recent work involves coaching senior executives on navigating the challenges posed by new ESG regulations. By providing a clear roadmap for integrating ESG frameworks into corporate strategies, he helps businesses not only comply with regulations but also leverage these frameworks to gain a competitive advantage.

One of Hinrich’s notable contributions is his focus on the cultural shifts required to adopt ESG principles effectively. He emphasises the importance of leadership in driving these changes and the role of continuous education in keeping up with regulatory updates and best practices. This holistic approach ensures that ESG integration is not just a compliance exercise but a transformative process that adds real value to the organisation.

Discover the Power of ESG for Your Business

His expansion into the ESG realm has seen him advising and coaching accountants, controllers, CFOs, and CEOs on the implications of various ESG regulations. His guidance emphasises driving necessary cultural changes and implementing effective leadership styles crucial for fostering sustainable business practices. Are you curious about how ESG frameworks can revolutionise your financial strategies? How can you apply these principles to drive sustainability in your business? His expertise will provide you with the tools and knowledge to navigate these changes effectively.

Finance is about the strategic choices becoming reality through operational actions.

Hinrich Slobbe

Virtual Global Alumni Conference

Evolve your understanding of ESG Frameworks and their applications in financial strategies. This conference is a platform to engage with thought leaders, network with peers, and explore the future of your industry. How can you apply these insights to your own professional journey? What new strategies will you discover? Hinrich Slobbe’s expertise in ESG Frameworks and financial strategies makes him an exceptional speaker for our conference. His insights offer valuable lessons for any business professional looking to embrace sustainable business practices and drive long-term value.

What is the future of ESG Frameworks in financial strategies? Register now and secure your spot at the Virtual Global Alumni Conference.

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