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Striving for business impact with an MBA from BSN

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For many, pursuing an MBA programme is a defining moment, an opportunity to enhance skills and contribute to positive business impact. For Victor Birikorang Danquah from Ghana, this move is driven by a deep-seated desire for continuous growth and development.

“Henry Ford once said that a person who stops learning is old, and a person who keeps learning stays young,” shares Victor. This belief is at the heart of his educational journey. Victor works as a country managing director at Zion Covenant Ventures, a company that provides waste and energy management consulting to government agencies and companies. Besides his busy professional life, he strives for continuous growth and development by pursuing an International Action Learning MBA at Business School Netherlands. He recently continued his educational journey by taking classes at BSN’s headquarters in Buren.

Belief in education and growth

Victor believes in the importance of education as a means of developing knowledge and skills, as well as fostering intellectual capacities and building valuable connections with others. It is this belief that led him to Business School Netherlands Action Learning MBA.

I chose BSN because of the high quality standards and accreditations of the course and the flexible learning environment.

A memorable conference experience

One of the highlights of Victor’s MBA journey was his participation in the conference in Buren.

It was one of the most memorable moments of my life! The caring and professional attitude of the staff, from getting the visa to arriving at the airport, was second to none.

What surprised Victor most during his studies was the practical nature of the International Action Learning MBA. Unlike his previous studies, where theoretical knowledge dominated, this programme offered a more hands-on and solution-oriented approach. Solving real organisational issues proved to be an enriching experience, where he could not only apply theoretical concepts but also develop valuable leadership skills together with his fellow students.

Interacting with fellow participants from different countries and solving real organisational issues was great to experience.

The importance of asking the right questions

Victor is determined to apply the principle of action-based learning in all his future endeavours.

As I embark on this learning journey, I intend to apply this hands-on approach in everything I do. Action Learning is not about giving the right answers, but how we actually act. This means asking the right probing questions of each other in order to reach an effective solution together.

Victor’s first Action Learning project at Zion Covenant Ventures is an excellent example of this. During this project the question was how the organisation could solve a high staff turnover.

I learned how to use the Action Learning method to create the right problem statement, with the right research methodology and plan for implementation.

A future of growth and success

A driven and ambitious student of Business School Netherlands, Victor Birikorang Danquah represents the core values of continuous growth, commitment to excellence and striving for business success with positive impact. With his experiences and acquired skills, he makes a valuable contribution to the business world and beyond, always asking the right in-depth questions.

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