Masterclass in Food Security

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This Masterclass investigates the current food ecosystem and the challenges it’s facing due to the changing supply and demand dynamics.


The Masterclass in Food Security consists of four days covering the following topics:

  • Setting-up the context for understanding the current state of food eco-system and the challenges that need fixing
  • Sustainable strategies for aligning food supply with food demand
  • Technology, policy and human potential interventions that can enable robust, safe and sustainable food eco-systems
  • Taking-up participants situations/challenges and putting them up in the context of the frameworks learnt within this masterclass

4 days


EUR 2,500,- for BSN students and alumni
EUR 2,750,- for other participants

8, 9, 10 and 11 October 2018 from 09h00 – 17h00

The meetings take place in our Business School in Buren (Gelderland, The Netherlands).

To register or request more information please contact or use the ‘Request a brochure’ form.



  • You hold a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent;
  • You currently are a manager, management trainee or hold a similar managerial position in an organisation dealing with water management;
  • You hold at least two years of relevant postgraduate work experience;
  • You have good command of the English language, enabling you to take part in English spoken courses;

If you fail to meet any of the aforementioned criteria but feel you still should be considered for enrolment, please contact us. Under certain circumstances, exceptions can be made.

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