On Saturday the 22nd of September 2018, the Kurhaus Hotel in Scheveningen once again formed the backdrop for our 20th Graduation Ceremony. An incredible 420 graduates, MBA (400) and DBA (20), completed their programme at Business School Netherlands (BSN). 150 of them were present to personally receive the coveted MBA degree award. We welcomed graduates from the Netherlands, China, Algeria, Egypt, Suriname, Curaçao, South Africa, Zambia, Ghana, and Nigeria.

Graduation Day 2018 | Business School Netherlands

Some highlights at a glance:

MBA and DBA graduates Business School Netherlands 2018Minutes of fame
Despite the autumn weather the  photo session with the 150 graduates and 50 staff members in their official regalia on the steps of the Kurhaus went as usual without a rain shower. This can’t be a coincidence!

First graduates from Algeria and Egypt
This year the first MBA student from Algeria graduated: Karima Bouzar. “When my name was said ‘The first Algerian MBA graduate With Distinction: Karima Bouzar’, that moment impacted me deeply, a feeling of glory invaded me. I said it was really worth the efforts, time and money, and yes I finally made it! It is really a journey to remember with all the adversities I have faced. But, it is not the end, it is just the beginning of other journeys and continuous learning and for more accomplishments to achieve in the future. All I can say today: never ever give up your dreams no matter what let the journey to making them true talks about you.”

For Egypt, this was Yasser Abdelaziz Abdelaal Dawoud. “Heading out to Scheveningen, Den Haag to attend the BSN Graduation Day was an exciting new experience for me. I was blessed by meeting colleagues from other countries around the globe who brought success stories and dedication with them. Listening to the future plans of BSN was really inspiring for me, this BSN network will really make a difference. Thanks for all the organisers of the Graduation Ceremony and thanks for BSN Egypt for being present, looking forward.”

BSN Alumnus Bas Feller MBAMost outstanding achievement(s)
The student who achieved the highest mark this year came from the Netherlands, Bas Feller. He scored an average of 86% for all his assignments. For this achievement, he received a glass object from the ‘Glasblazerij in Leerdam’ was handed to him by our Dean Marcel van der Ham. Bas: “Graduation Day is a great moment to celebrate your achievement, look back and reflect on the goals. How different from a person have I become? What insights have I changed? From here it’s only the start…., make it matter!”

Our cum laude graduates this year are Laurie Meiring, Arie Stapper, Suzanne de Jong, Miriam Lorenzo-Miske, Marleen van Waarden, Remco Baten, Bas Feller, and Esther Hehne. What an accomplishment!

Past – present – future
Founder Dick Gerdzen looked back on 30 years of history after which he formally handed over the baton to Annette Nijs, a former Cabinet Minister for Education, Culture and Science in the Netherlands and a former member of the Dutch Parliament. She takes on the position, Chairman of BSN’s leadership team with whom she will work on our further growth and success for the next 30 years.

Let’s dance
During the closing walking dinner, various earliest alumni, recent graduates, (former) teachers and other ambassadors of our Business School celebrated our 30th anniversary. For a number of the guests, the walking dinner ended in a dancing dinner, even though it was still early in the evening.

Laurie Meiring MBA: “I approached the Graduation with much excitement, following an intense two years and two months of completing assignments and submitting the final thesis on time. I can only describe the moment of collecting my degree in front of fellow graduands, family, and my wife as a moment of pure exhilaration, relief and a feeling of accomplishment never before experienced. As I returned to my seat I literally exhaled and felt lighter, stronger and ready for a new journey as an BSN Action Learning MBA graduate.”

Daphne Feller MBA: “Walk the talk. So the idea to skip my graduation day and let the postman do his job was discharged. As you can imagine ; ) and I am so glad that I did, after the hard work, late nights, failures, discipline and doubts. With a big smile on my face I received my diploma. Be happy, celebrate special moments, you never know how much time you have left.”

In short, we look back on a fantastic day!

Graduation Day in pictures: here you have them all!

For more information on our Action Learning MBA and Management Programmes, send an email to international@bsn.eu.

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