It is Tuesday 5 November, the day which many Tractus members were eagerly looking forward to. A visit to the KLM Operations Control Centre, OCC for short, was planned for the day. 20 of them had the pleasure of spending a morning in the beating heart of KLM’s OCC. Their host, Erwin Briene, Duty Manager of Operations at KLM OCC, gave them a passionate bird’s eye view into the exciting world of “Just another day” at KLM OCC.

Dutch BSN Alumni visit KLM's Operations Control Center (OCC)

KLM’s Operations Control Center (OCC) works 24/7 on flight preparation and monitoring of the entire worldwide network of KLM and KLM Cityhopper. The most important goal is to implement the daily timetable as completely and punctually as possible, with maximum customer satisfaction at the lowest possible costs. Various disciplines, such as crew control, flight dispatch, the commercial desk, load control and network control, have all been brought together to achieve this.

During the Tractus event, Erwin Briene (being an alumnus of Business School Netherlands himself) shared with the participants what the disciplines are, what they do and how certain choices are made. In addition to an explanation of the daily course of events, he also explained how action is taken with the help of scenarios and when to switch to contingency management and emergency management. Remember that with more than 700 flights worldwide, KLM carries more than 100,000 passengers daily!

Dutch BSN Alumni visit KLM's Operations Control Center (OCC)

The OCC is responsible for KLM’s timetable, passengers and cargo flows. If the timetable is disrupted, the OCC takes decisions regarding the deployment of reserve aircraft, delays, cancellations and route changes. Vivid examples, cases and sketched scenarios made clear what is involved and how contingency management and emergency management situations are dealt with. It became clear how the OCC anticipates potential problems that can disrupt the timetable. The biggest disturbing factor is the weather.

After the inspirational session, it was time to take a look into the beating heart of OCC, the so-called quiet zone. Around 80 people work here 24/7. A straightforward eye-catcher is the larger-than-life video wall that displays a dashboard with various information. The information includes an overview of all current flights, but also the customer satisfaction measurements and scores based on punctuality. The weather and important news also partly determine the ways in which the OCC must plan, so this information is also displayed.

“Just another day” at KLM ended with lunch and the opportunity to talk extensively about all the impressions which were made this morning.

Some spontaneous reactions from the participants:

“Erwin, thanks for the great story this morning. You have a great job. I’ll go and tell this to my son tonight.”

“Erwin, thanks for the presentation. Was cool! Bye.”

“Hi Erwin, I was lucky today to be able to attend the Tractus meeting and your presentation about the OCC of KLM. Super! Thank you.”

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