Wencke Eijkelkamp from Zutphen, a mid-size city in The Netherlands, couldn’t be happier: after three-years study, which she combined with a demanding job and an equally busy family life, she scored an 8.2 for her dissertation, enough to graduate Cum Laude.

Wencke Eijkelkamp MBA completed her Masterstudy at our business school in 2017A few years ago, Eijkelkamp’s former employer asked her whether she was interested in doing an MBA. Eijkelkamp says she didn’t have to think twice. “An MBA study is after all great for one’s career,” she explained, adding that she opted for an Action Learning MBA at Business School Netherlands (BSN). “It’s a very practical study. Sure, you can learn a lot from reading books, but you could do that at home, too. An Action Learning MBA is all about using your theoretical knowledge in real-life scenarios and enabling you to explore and analyse problems together, as a team, and develop tangible solutions.”

Starting a B&B in Zimbabwe

Being a small-scale institution with lots of space for personal attention was one of the main reasons Eijkelkamp opted for BSN. “After investigating MBA programmes offered by universities, I chose BSN. Here, you are not one of many students. BSN staff and students really know each other.” Besides her studies in general, Eijkelkamp has fond memories of her subset. The meetings they had were invaluable, she says. “We had a lot of fun. One highlight in particularly revolved around setting up a Bed & Breakfast in Zimbabwe. This B&B is doing very well.” Her Viva Voce was another moment she will never forget. “I loved the ceremonial aspect of it,” Eijkelkamp says, noting that her dissertation was awarded an 8.2, turning her into a Cum Laude graduate. “I didn’t expect it, but I had hoped for it. Graduating Cum Laude truly was the cherry on top!”

If you enjoy something you can do anything

Whilst she is looking back at the past three years back with a smile, Eijkelkamp is glad she is done. “I never doubted about my studies, but doing an MBA combined with a demanding job and having young children required a lot of juggling. However, if you truly enjoy something and if you have a nice subset, I believe you can do anything. ”So what does she look forward to the most now that she has her degree? “I’m mostly looking forward to the new opportunities that will come on my path. My degree will open the door for interesting jobs. With my MBA, the world is my oyster.”

For more information on our Action Learning MBA and Management Programmes, send an email to international@bsn.eu.

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