Hailing from Namibia, Tjimbe Ndisiro always wanted to do an MBA to further his career in the banking world. Whilst researching his options, he stumbled upon Business School Netherlands (BSN) and its programmes. Last weekend, he finally received is much-deserved International Action Learning MBA degree.

BSN Alumnus Tjimbe Ndisiro MBAIt had been on his mind for a while: doing an MBA. “I knew that to advance in my career I had to do this,” says Ndisiro, who works as a financial controller at First National Bank in Namibia’s capital of Windhoek. He eventually signed up for an International Action Learning MBA at BSN in 2013. “I got good advice and guidance from Paul Ohlsson from Cape Town, in that regard,” he recalls.

Competitive edge
Ndisiro chose BSN because of the institution’s international allure and Action Learning-based approach, he says. “This is where the school’s competitive edge lies.”
The three years were tough at times as they required lots of hard work and discipline on top of a demanding full-time job. They were certainly worth it, nevertheless. “My MBA studies have equipped me with a set of relevant skills my colleagues and peers don’t have,” Ndisiro says.


Amazing networking
Among his most valuable new skill is the ability to think critically. According to him, critical thinking has the purpose of achieving the best possible outcomes in any situation, whether personally or professionally.
“It is about gathering and evaluating all relevant information from as many sources as possible,” he explains. “Thinking objectively, gathering evidence, presenting this evidence in a logical manner, and using your objective judgment are some of the key elements of this critical thinking process.”
Another key benefit of his MBA at BSN has been the self-marketing element. “The networking opportunities BSN has given me, have been amazing. My studies have given me a great diversity of perspectives on all different aspects of business and life in general. I have learned a lot from my fellow classmates, too,” Ndisiro says.

Getting married during my MBA
In terms of future BSN students, Ndisiro has solid advice. “Learning is a lifelong-process. Future students should always consider their own prospects in developing their career,” he says.
Whilst doing an MBA may sound glamorous in a way, it is not a walk in the park. Discipline is everything, he says. “The moment you enrol for one of BSN’s MBA programmes, you should adopt a mentality of determination and focus,” Ndisiro adds, noting that BSN’s programmes also teach students to succesfully prioritise and balance professional and personal life. “I even got married whilst doing my MBA!”

For more information on our Action Learning MBA and Management Programmes, send an email to international@bsn.eu.

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