In 2014 Luba Protsiva, born in Ukraine and living in Georgia, signed up for an International Action Learning MBA with the intention to strengthen her professional problem-solving skills. After three meaningful, exciting, and sometimes tough years she finally received her degree last weekend.

BSN Alumna Luba Protsiva MBA“I was so excited about coming to The Hague for Graduation Day,” says Protsiva, who works as a senior grant acquisition officer at international humanitarian organisation World Vision. “Due to my degree, I can finally call myself a skilled and qualified business professional.”

Executive runway
Like most of her fellow BSN students, Protsiva did an International Action Learning MBA to improve her business, managerial, and problem-solving skills. There are two key reasons she chose for Business School Netherlands (BSN), the first one being that the institution’s curriculum and study method lined up with her work schedule and availability. “Besides that, BSN is known as an excellent business school which has served as a runway for top business executives and senior managers in Western Europe and the rest of the world,” Protsiva says. “BSN’s programmes are cherished by individuals and are highly valued by the world’s top employers, too.”

Sharpening skills
Overall, the past three years have been very rewarding, both academically and personally. “My studies have allowed me to expand my understanding of the global business world whilst sharpening my management skills and making international contacts. This is truly thanks to the school’s multinational environment,” she says.

Immersing herself in the Action Learning approach has been one of the many highlights of her studies, Protsiva continues. “This method is a perfect for anyone’s professional development as it improves your problem-solving skills, which is very useful in today’s competitive business environment. The practical side of BSN’s study programmes makes the theoretical part much easier to digest as it allows you to apply your newly acquired skills faster and more efficiently at work.”

Hard work pays off
Whilst doing an MBA is incredibly rewarding, Protsiva warns that it is not for the fainthearted. “The skills that come with the degree are earned through hard work and are not given for free,” she says, adding that hard work always pays off in the end. “Future BSN students should nevertheless be prepared for a few tough years to come. Please don’t aim for the easy way out and use your studies to tackle and solve the challenges you are experiencing in your working environment.”

Where does she see herself in five years, thanks to her MBA? “I see myself in an environment where my dedication to excellence and entrepreneurial spirit has the best use,” Protsiva says, adding that she won’t easily forget her study time. “Being a BSN student has truly been an honour and privilege. It has been excellent.”

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