The interactions with his fellow students were some of the highlights of the past three years, says graduate Jan-Pieter Veldman from The Netherlands. He was one of 188 BSN students from all corners of the world who graduated last weekend in Scheveningen.

BSN Alumnus Jan-Pieter Veldman MBA“What I liked most was that my subset comprised students from all sectors and walks of life, from construction and risk insurance to IT and Human Resources,” says Veldman, a trained healthcare professions who works as a policy and medical advice manager at Dutch medical insurance firm Menzis.

Taking a step back
One of the reasons he chose for BSN is the school’s multi-sectoral approach. “I wanted to see what the world looked like beyond the healthcare industry. BSN’s MBA programmes are, after all, not tied to a specific industry. That, and the strong focus on the Action Learning approach, really appealed to me.”
All in all, Veldman’s Action Learning MBA studies gave him a series of new and enhanced skills. One of them is the improved ability to analyse, evaluate, en solve work-related problems.
“I am a trained healthcare professional, and healthcare professionals tend to take charge when they encounter a problem. During my studies, I have learned to take a step back and look at what the problem is, whose problem it is, and what causes the problem,” he says. “This makes it easier to analyse the situation, which leads to more sustainable solutions.”

Self-confidence boost
The above has been beneficial for his professional confidence, Veldman says. “My studies have deepened my existing skills set. As a result, I am able to do the things I have always done much better. This has boosted my confidence in my abilities and proficiencies. I have become a lot stronger.”
His political skills have improved too, he adds. “I am often dealing with government departments and corporates. I have started to realise that I am actually quite proficient in dealing with them. It is nice to see.”
Whilst the past three years, including his Viva Voce and Graduation Day, have been an unforgettable experience, Veldman admits that his MBA studies weren’t always a walk in the park. “It is important that you stick to your study routine and that you meet your deadlines and keep up with the rest of your group.”

Oceans of time after your MBA
So, what does life look like after completing one’s MBA? Veldman says he still has to get used to having oceans of time. “Het feels somewhat strange sometimes. During the weekend, after my chores, I am often wondering: And now what do I do?”
Besides spending time with friends and family, it is the future that keeps him busy. “From a career perspective, I am looking for a new challenge,” says Veldman. “I would like to go to the healthcare industry and manage larger teams. I used ot manage 150 people, not that is only 8.”

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