Yasser Abdelaziz Abdelaal Dawoud is the first graduating MBA student from Egypt.  We asked him how he reflects on his MBA study and what is expectations of Graduation Day are.

BSN Alumnus Egypt Yasser Abdelaziz Abdelaal Dawoud MBA“My whole working experience has been changed in the last three years during which I was doing the MBA study, I really found myself in the study, I enjoyed the lectures, I participated actively in all the business/practical discussions during the group discussions, I have also engaged in four Action Learning Projects with very hot topics directly related to my job. I had the excellent chance to change my job twice during the study, each step was really achieved based on the learning progress.”

“I enjoyed travelling to BSN during the study and engaging in international business discussions, I had also the honour to receive additional soft skills trainings at BSN Egypt where we have studied Negotiation skills, time management, entrepreneurship and other useful trainings. In a nut shell, I have learned two big things which Iam using daily in my professional and personal life, which are questioning the right questions and reflection, both have now a totally different meaning than before the MBA study.”

1. Tell us in one sentence who you are and what’s your biggest challenge in life?
Big learner with the challenge of a short life.

2. What was your main drive to start with the BSN MBA. Did you also have cons besides the pros why you decided to enrol this study?
The main drive was the action learning concept which mixes the practical life with the study, the main cons was the difficulty to achieve the MBA degree compared to the other local options.

3. Why did you choose Business School Netherlands and did we deliver what we promised?
BSN has been chosen as I am a big fan for Netherlands (Philips) and also of the Action Learning concept. BSN has delivered what they promised satisfactorily

4. How do you look back on your MBA journey?
Full of learning, full of good interaction with diversity of people.

5. In what way did your organisation help you, and how much profit did you make for them during and after this MBA study tangible and intangible, and can you tell us in money terms?
It is very difficult to quantify the profit for the company in dollar value, however the Thesis topic was correlated to business challenges in the business unit in which I work

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