Who, What, Where?

The Governing Body of Business School Netherlands is responsible for the finances, property, business and all academic and non-academic affairs of the School.


Professor Dr. Billy Coop – Marketing Management
Dr. Paul Turken – Strategic and Marketing Management Professor
Dr. Bernie van Zijl – Information and Marketing Management
Professor Brian Bebbington – International Management
Professor Dr. Henry Grimbeek – Human Resources Management Professor
Dr. Walther Hainzl – Operations Management
Professor Gideon Potgieter – Operations Management
Dr. Lee Kingma – Human Resources Management and TIPS
Drs. Tjalling Palmbergen – Financial Management

International Team

Juanita Bouwer – Director International
Marcel van der Ham – Dean and Head of Accreditation and DBA
Billy Coop – Academic Director
Indra Kolmus – Digital Marketing
Marina Seuren – Graphic Designer
Gavin Joseph – Marketing & Sales
Carol Byworth – Enrolments Officer
Yvette Baker- Registry and Financial Administrator
Nazlie Johnson – Registry and Logistics Administrator
Cathrine Mangwende – Admin and Housekeeping

Management Team

Marcel van der Ham – Dean
John Zhang – CFO
Juanita Bouwer – Director International
Bing Han – Director Strategic Business Development



‘When my CEO found out about my MBA application, he told me how he likes having “smart managers” working for the company.’

Amo Mariche

MBA student, Algeria

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