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The 9 Building Blocks of Amplition

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Ellen van Dieren, renowned speaker, coach, advisor and co-owner of Talent College, recently shared her insights on the strategic process of increasing, enlarging, and optimising human capital within an organisation, with a focus on enhancing employee well-being and functionality. In today’s fast-paced business landscape, where change is constant, Ellen’s expertise in recruitment, employer branding, and commitment to good employment practices make her a valuable voice in the realm of positive workplace transformation.

The Era of Amplition
Ellen’s presentation cantered around the concept of amplition, a term derived from the Latin word ‘amplio,’ meaning to enlarge, increase, or magnify. In a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world, the traditional approaches based on past experience and forecasting might not suffice. Amplition, according to Ellen, is about strengthening the well-being and functioning of employees, ultimately amplifying human capital within an organisation.

The Role of Employers in Ambiguous Times
Ellen pointed out the role of employers in creating a conducive working environment, especially when faced with ambiguity and constant change. While acknowledging that employers cannot be solely responsible for the happiness of their employees, she stressed the importance of influencing well-being. Creating working conditions that support employees’ flourishing is not only beneficial for individuals but also forms the foundation for overall organisational success.

Three Approaches to Amplition
Ellen introduced three ways of working within the context of amplition: creation, prevention, and application. In the creation approach, the focus is on identifying and rectifying factors that make employees unhappy. Prevention involves proactively avoiding risks and ensuring a positive work environment. Application, rooted in positive psychology, aims to foster and amplify organisational energy. Ellen encouraged organisations to adopt a balanced approach based on these three pillars.

Shifting Focus from Problems to Solutions
A key takeaway from Ellen’s talk was the importance of shifting our focus from problems to solutions. Instead of merely addressing issues or changes, organisations should embrace a continuous phase of development. Ellen highlighted the significance of adopting a growth mindset, focusing on health policies rather than absence policies for example, and nurturing a conscious dialogue within the workplace.

Amplition transforms workplaces into vibrant hubs where people not only choose to work but thrive in a vital state. – Ellen van Dieren

The 9 Building Blocks of Amplition
Ellen detailed the nine building blocks crucial for implementing amplition within organisations. The foundation, represented in blue, encompasses the core elements like purpose, values, and organisational philosophy. The green blocks, interrelated with each other, include recruitment, talent management, employee experience, employability, work environment, appreciation, transformational leadership, process and policy, and conscious dialogue.

Practical Insights for Implementation
There is no one-size-fits-all approach to implementing these building blocks. Organisations should assess their current state and focus on the block most relevant to their needs. Whether it’s redefining recruitment processes, fostering a positive work environment, or promoting transformational leadership, each block plays a crucial role in amplifying human capital.

Amplition offers a fresh perspective on organisational success, placing human capital at the forefront. By embracing the 9 building blocks of amplition, organisations can create a positive, people-oriented workplace that fosters well-being, adaptability, and, ultimately, success. As we navigate the challenges of the modern business landscape, Ellen’s approach encourages us to amplify not only our problems but also our potential for growth and prosperity.

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