Honours, Masters, a Doctorate? Getting an advanced degree is the first step toward securing an executive career. In this article, we will discuss the real benefits of completing your doctorate in business administration. We will be looking at the options, real value, and versatility.

Career Options

Getting a DBA allows you to have more options within the commercial field. Your resume will stand out amongst other general degrees and MBA holders who like you are ahead in their field in terms of advanced abilities and theories.

A DBA goes in-depth into the science behind business management and seeks to promote implementation on an advanced conceptual level. Publishing research gives you the opportunity to contribute to the body of business knowledge directly. It puts you in a position to become a great leader who makes effective, results-driven, and responsible decisions.

A DBA’s Value:

A DBA greatly increases your value to any company. You become an educated professional who is able to complete complex tasks. You also build a reputation as a great researcher and innovator who can diagnose business challenges and implement effective and measurable solutions.


As the most advanced business degree available, a DBA allows you to adapt yourself to all aspects of an organisation. Additionally, you can apply for any management job and stand a good chance of being hired over other candidates, because you possess the knowledge and ability to implement current practices from leading business theories.

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Ph.D. vs DBA

People often use the terms doctorate and Ph.D. interchangeably, but there are several distinct differences between the 2 programmes.

A Ph.D. boosts your academic and theoretical knowledge, whereas a DBA concentrates your theoretical and research-based knowledge into a practical and solution-orientated approach. It is easier to think of a Ph.D. as an academic degree, and a DBA as more of a practical degree designed to be implemented in the real world.

The DBA positions you to create the principles of business that others will learn and put into practice. For example, when you do your MBA you work with case studies to extrapolate information and develop solutions to problems. As a DBA student, you essentially create case studies by analysing business models and processes to solve problems and develop new theories. Other professionals will then put your theories and ideas into practice to solve their organisational crises.

As a Ph.D. student, you are focusing your studies to further your theoretical knowledge and perhaps even take up a role as a professor in an academic setting.

To conclude, completing a DBA program shows the highest levels of commitment to continuous learning, academic excellence, and professional development. The DBA is ideal for those who are interested in business practice as the programme gives you the freedom to explore specific areas of research that can benefit your own organisation’s needs.

It comes down to dedication and your will to succeed, the DBA offers you the ability to choose your place in an organisation. Make the first step towards a rewarding future…


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