Business School Netherlands interviews Rani Sitaram Company Director / Producer East Coast Media / Movietech about the NFP Scholarship and the BSN International MBA and the motivation behind it all.

Don’t turn away from the challenges, embrace them.
The rewards are infinite and you will stop asking yourself:
“Who is going to let me?”
and begin asking yourself:
“Who is going to stop me?”

Rani Sitaram1. How did you first hear about the NFP Scholarship and the BSN International MBA?
I heard about these opportunities while searching for an accredited and recognised qualification online.

2. What was your motivation behind doing a MBA?
Media, Film and Television fulfils my dreams but the business of the sector is my passion. Hence my role on production is Producer. My role in the business is company director, both dealing with critical elements of strategy, new markets, marketing, sales, innovation and new business. Media is a sector that allows you to play in a global space. I needed the confidence to play successfully in that space and this was my very personal motivation for doing the MBA through BSN.

3. Share some of the highlights of your time studying the MBA
Without a doubt the travel and immersion in a culture different to mine, opened up my eyes to wonderful opportunities. The support and care provided by BSN and all of our course facilitators, coaches and supervisors. A must mention for me was Prof Billy Coop who was most instrumental in changing my perspective on the world of business.
Another highlight for me was meeting with knowledgeable and competent captains of industry that we were allowed to interact with and learn from during the programme. Access to this kind of information is often difficult to come by. The programme strives to maintain global standards and certainly challenges you in every way. So I was very grateful for the structures set up by BSN to assist one through the process. It was an empowering experience.

4.  What were some of the changes you made to your management style or role at work because of Action Learning?
As an entrepreneur within my sector, I gained a sense of confidence. A confidence that allowed me to rely on my instincts in relation to the volatile environment we work in. My instinct was always to lead by nurturing and I settled into that space. Being female I can now walk into a room with the leadership ability of a woman. I stopped attempting to emulate male energy in order to be a successful leader. I found this confuses people and creates a wall of defence in both genders. It was a natural progression of our company culture into a warm, comfortable, vibrant, inviting and innovative space as my leadership style settled into my truth.

5. How has your career evolved since completing your studies?
I have been able to take the organisation into brand new global markets. Our media products, feature films, documentaries are now being created for sale on many content aggregators like Netfilx, Amazon Prime, HBO, Showmax, Discovery, OWN etc. Even with the pandemic and the very daunting recession hitting the globe, media and the need for content has grown exponentially. With the knowledge gained from the BSN MBA through the NFP Scholarship, I was able to expand our offering and take full advantage of new global markets, seeing opportunities as they arose. We have even succeeded in taking our media training products into the 4IR space with online digital training. The organisation is now on a path to long term sustainability.truth.

6. What difference do you think the NFP scholarship makes in Southern Africa?
Africa has seen so many decades of the marginalisation of women which has deprived them of their human rights. The struggle still continues as populations and governments are becoming more conscientised to the need for equality. The NFP Scholarship made me, an African Woman, into a valuable commodity, empowering me with education and confidence to make a difference not only to myself, but to my organisation and an entire generation to come. Imagine the evolution of the continent into a space of peace, affluence and prosperity, as the NFP scholarship continues empowering more women of Africa.

7. What advice would you give current and future MBA students?
Don’t turn away from the challenges, embrace them. The rewards are infinite and you will stop asking yourself: “Who is going to let me?” and begin asking yourself: “Who is going to stop me?”

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