This year during our annual Graduation Day at the Kurhaus Hotel in Scheveningen (the Netherlands), we had the opportunity to speak with MBA graduate Mike Omotosho about his learning experience. Mike is the Chairman/CEO of Pharmadelphia and embraces our philosophy of Action Learning.

“Action Learning Experience – For me it has been a lesson in resilience that goes beyond doing things the best way we can. The Action Learning MBA of Business School Netherlands teaches one to ask questions so we can do things the best way possible. It is indeed, excitingly different.” – Mike Omotosho MBA

BSN Alumnus Mike Omotosho MBA and Juanita Bouwer MBA (Director: International, Business School Netherlands)What has been the most significant moment for you today?
“It’s a very exciting moment. I’m actually here graduating 17 years after I started my MBA. I left after two years, and ten years later, I could embark on studies again, and now I’m here. I’m very excited about my MBA today.”

What has been the greatest life lesson or eye-opener for you of the MBA?
“Most importantly, it has been that whatever you set your mind to do, you can truly achieve it. Imagine coming back after I started 17 years ago and still realising it. For me, the Action Learning MBA is unique and special. For my organisation, for instance, it would have been easier to dish out instructions, but with the Action Learning MBA, I don’t do that anymore. I bring my workers together as pairs, and then we discuss the problem and solutions together, unlike how I did it by myself before, so it’s a great lesson for me. I can apply it to other spheres of life, not just in business.”

Is Action Learning part of your life now?
“It is a lifelong learning process for me. Yes, I use it in almost everything I do.”

Can you describe the return on investment for your organisation and for you personally in terms of personal growth?
“Well, I’m just graduating now, but moving on, we went through all of it, from organisational analysis to various models, up until my dissertation which is in marketing strategy. The organisation is coming back to life because it is one of the organisations that I own. It’s been going down before, but now it’s coming back up, and I’m sure in a few years I will be able to say: “Yes, these are the obvious dividends of the Action Learning MBA”. It is beginning to turn around already. We are beginning to see more reception in terms of the employees. We are beginning to see more openness in the ways they interact, and we are starting to get more positive vibes. I believe that is the beginning of profitability.”

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