“Linda Mwazozo shares with us her journey while studying the International Action Learning MBA and what it meant to receive the NFP full scholarship. She also gives useful advice to current and future MBA students and shows how the MBA can change your career and management style”

Linda MwazozoHow did you first hear about the NFP Scholarship and the BSN International MBA?
As I was busy looking for a “not so traditional” affordable MBA, a friend who was awarded the NFP scholarship introduced me to BSN. I applied and was accepted the second time after being declined for the first time. Unfortunately my friend passed away before he could witness the end of my journey.

What was your motivation behind doing an MBA?
I wanted a life-changing journey in my career with incredible networking opportunities as it is my ambition to make a real difference in a complex and rapidly changing world. I also wanted to sharpen my leadership acumen and get the practical skills, applied theory and confidence needed to provide real-time, real-life solutions

Share some of the highlights of your time studying the MBA
My highlights included being exposed to a multitude of different professionals, at different stages of their careers, all striving for excellence. I also appreciated having experienced coaches and specialist practical tutors. I also really enjoyed travelling to the Netherlands for the conferences. Burning the midnight candle also counts as a highlight for me.

What were some of the changes you made to your management style or role at work because of Action Learning?
I have become able to ask the right questions, look for real-time solutions, implement the plans and reflecting to see if the solution is correct.

I have made a significant impact in the organisation by reducing some unnecessary processes and I’ve been able to deliver measurable value to the organisation. I am now able to understand the state of the organisation and the challenges that need fixing.

The BSN Action Learning MBA has given me the tools to be able to generate and implement sustainable solutions within the organisation.
Looking at the Covid pandemic has brought a culture shift in terms of how we work now with restrictions. Action Learning has also made me able to reinforce mindset changes in terms of how people collaborate and work virtually.

Women have been on the forefront during this global pandemic period managing pressures from home as well as work. The intrinsic uncertainties that may continue to hinder set plans continue to mount on every organisation which makes it difficult for managers without the level of insight that I acquired during the program. In short, the Action Learning MBA has really prepared me fully for situations like these.

How has your career evolved since completing your studies?
Before the global pandemic, I was looking at getting to a strategic position where I would implement real-time solutions to problems. Working with the new normal of the pandemic, I am looking at the strategic management positions. I have also realised how much the world needs to be taught regarding change management.

What difference do you think the NFP scholarship makes in Southern Africa?
NFP has been so uplifting, especially for the women in Southern Africa if we consider that the price of acquiring an MBA is not within reach for the majority of us. It is producing change leaders like myself in a rapidly evolving world calling for course correction, realignment of strategies, gender sensitive initiatives, corporate governance in both public and private entities.

What advice would you give current and future MBA students?
The programme is hectic and very taxing but it is achievable. One needs to strike a balance and never miss deadlines.

The program enables you to grow as a leader in the journey towards completion of the MBA. I must say it is really not for the faint hearted. It is a marathon not a sprint.

Students should embark on this journey with an open mindset and realize that your ideas will be challenged.
It is not a magic tool that after graduation you will get an automatic promotion. To sum it up, the MBA is a journey that needs full participation, commitment and research.

For more information on our Action Learning MBA and Management Programmes, send an email to international@bsn.eu.
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