Business School Netherlands is proud to announce the launch of our new Online Action Learning MBA. This 100% version of our triple-accredited International Action Learning MBA has a duration of 24 months, with weekly interactive sessions and online education facilitated by experienced business professionals. The literature and lessons are all offered in English. This programme is also excellent if you are looking for an MBA programme which you can combine with working from home and in the future when you will be travelling for business again. We had a chat with Juanita Bouwer, our director for the Business School Netherlands International division.

Why is Business School Netherlands offering this alternative version of the International Action Learning MBA?

We regularly talk to our students, many of whom have a very strong international focus. Many are business travellers with very demanding schedules, which makes it difficult for some of them to attend the physical MBA set meetings at our campus in Buren. It made logical sense for us to offer a 100% distance learning option which delivers the same high quality and standard, but on a purely online basis.

Does distance learning mean that you are just self-studying behind your laptop?

Absolutely not. We encourage just as much contact as in any of our other MBA programmes. There is weekly contact with lecturers and peers via online meetings and discussions. Students will study the literature, but also conduct Action Learning projects in their companies (which would in most cases not be online). Personal contact with lecturers, Action Learning coaches, facilitators and peers is one of the most important foundations of the success of our educational approach.

What has the experience been thus far with regards to offering online lessons?

We have adapted to offering all our lessons via Zoom during this Coronavirus pandemic. The lessons have been received very well by our students. Some students have indicated that it can be a bit more tiring to keep up, which is why we have allocated one half day of classes per week in the Online Action Learning MBA.

Where are most of the MBA students from?

We are expecting an exciting mix of students from Africa, Europe and Asia. We try to keep students grouped in similar timezones in most cases. This opens the possibility of intriguing international discussion and encourages students to network and learn from each other.

Are there any scholarships available for students interested in the Online Action Learning MBA?

Yes there are. We are continuing to offer the Business School Netherlands Partial Scholarship of up to 50% off the total tuition fees. These scholarships are open to all Online Action Learning MBA students from Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean. Let’s say I’m a student who wishes to change to the “regular” MBA programme once the current situation changes.

Is that a possibility?

Yes, it would definitely be possible. Should a person’s work situation or personal circumstances change, they would be able to switch to the regular MBA after the start of their programme.

Find out more about this programme, the fees, structure, and more.

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