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Being a busy professional you have to seriously consider every decision you make. With that in mind, you have to consider many factors when taking on the task of getting your MBA. You should put thought towards the time commitment, your family, your career path and more.

Here are a few things you should consider;

Are you academically ready?

Whether your undergraduate grades will allow you to be admitted or not, your focus should be on whether you are actually prepared to handle the rigorous coursework. An academic MBA might require you to have an extensive academic background while an executive MBA such as the Action Learning MBA will be more forgiving as the focus is on the practicality of the MBA if you have the necessary management experience.

The thought level behind an MBA is far more advanced than what most people think. It takes a different level of thinking that you get after years of working experience. Managers and C-suite level professionals are the ideal candidates for this programme because of the versatility of the qualification and their history of experience. Hand in hand these two components make up a great leader, which is the standard of all MBA alumni.

Are you professionally ready?

In your career there comes a time when you have to decide on your next step. How can you move up the corporate ladder? Getting an MBA can be the right step if you are looking for a strong qualification that will arm you with the necessary skills to understand the current status of your business and action changes where necessary toward making it more sustainable and profitable. 

An MBA class is a melting pot of minds that come together to share their unique experiences in the business world and how they overcome challenges. There is a focus on the exchange of ideas based on a working case study, so your own work experience will come in handy when you need to troubleshoot problems, etc.

What you bring to the MBA and your fellow students is just as important as finding the right programme for you.

Do you have the time for an MBA?

An MBA is not an easy thing to achieve. It takes a lot of self-discipline to ensure that you set aside the time for your classes and coursework. Juggling a full-time job, a family and full-time studies isn’t for everyone. Those who do decide to take on the challenge must be committed to their studies, setting aside the necessary time to study and complete their assignments. Rigorous MBA programmes like the Action Learning programme will feel daunting but the rewards greatly outweigh the sacrifices.

Are you financially prepared for an MBA?

You must seriously look at the financial commitment. MBAs aren’t cheap but education is an investment and there are ways to finance it, like scholarships. If getting an MBA will help you reach your career goals then you need to do the research into your financial options. The salary boost that comes with an MBA qualification very often helps to pay back the tuition investment. 

At BSN we believe in great leaders and we offer scholarships for selected countries. Finances shouldn’t be the main reason why you can’t complete your studies.

An MBA is a great investment for any working professional who is looking to set themselves apart from other candidates in the job market. Your decision to get an MBA must take into account the financial & time commitment, your academic ability and working history that will be useful during your studies, and whether it is the right decision for you personally.


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