Doing an MBA course is a dream come true for many people! It is an opportunity to deepen your knowledge and skills, take great career steps and can be a huge boost for your business network.

In short: an MBA offers many advantages for the ambitious manager/professional. Still, there is a small side note: an MBA is a considerable investment. Not only in money, but also in time. Certainly in addition to a full-time job and a busy private life. Sometimes it is quite difficult to physically participate in training sessions. For some people this can be an obstacle to achieving the MBA dream. But what if this was no longer an issue when taking an MBA?

The Online Action Learning MBA has been developed for you as a working manager/professional and offers you the flexibility to choose where you study. Whether you are at home, at work or on the road for a business trip; the program can be followed 100% online and is presented in English.

Now that this issue is no longer in your way, there may be other questions that can be obstacles to your choice of this MBA. For example: What about the quality of the program? How is the supervision and contact between students and teachers? How does assessment take place? Let’s look at these questions together.

1. Is the Online Action Learning MBA on the same quality and accreditation level as the regular MBA?
Absolutely! Just like the regular MBAs, the Online Action Learning MBA is internationally accredited by ACBSP, ATHEA and NVAO. The online program also has a duration of two years, has the same content and learning objectives and works with the same learning method of Action Learning.

As an Online Action Learning MBA student, you will concentrate on real issues that are relevant to you and your organization. Through research and discussion, you will discover methods to solve problems and implement new plans; applying change through action.

You do four in-house assignments; Action Learning Projects (ALPs) addressing issues at the operational and tactical level. For your MBA dissertation , you will tackle a strategic organizational problem using different research methods to develop suitable and effective solutions. After graduating with the Online Action Learning MBA, you will have an MBA diploma in your pocket, just like with the regular programs.

2. Is the Online Action Learning MBA a completely self-study programme?
There is just as much contact with our lecturers and your fellow students as in our other MBAs. Of course you also study literature and carry out Action Learning Projects at your own workplace (whether online or not).

Personal contact with teachers, coaches, tutors and between students is a very important part of the success of our programs. You meet them weekly through an interactive online Zoom meeting. In these meetings you will meet your module instructor and peer group (12-16 students). The module instructors are subject matter experts and experienced managers and entrepreneurs.

The online lessons consist of different working methods; presentations, discussions, small assignments, work in break-out rooms, questions and answers. The students in your group are all experienced managers/professionals from different backgrounds and nationalities, providing you with interesting points of view and a high-quality network.

In addition, you will have 12 subgroup meetings during the program. A subgroup is a group of 6-8 students guided by an Action Learning Coach. The coach and the group will help you with your Action Learning Projects.

3. How will my assessments take place?
As you have already read above, our business school challenges you by working on your own practical issues. You apply what you’ve learned directly to your organization. This is a great way to stay focused on both your work and studies. We believe that you only really learn when you actually do it. That’s why we don’t focus on conventional exams, but on real projects that you complete in your work environment. This is how you acquire competencies and skills that you need as a true leader.

In addition to carrying out four Action Learning Projects and a dissertation, you will also write an organizational analysis of your company and do Action Learning Literature Research. These are based on your current leadership skills and competences. Throughout the program, you are encouraged to think about areas of development. You also follow seven main subjects. Each major consists of four interactive online sessions of four hours. You conclude each major with a written assignment (Q&A) to better understand your organization.

During the various projects and assignments, we evaluate your diagnosis of the problem, your plan of action, your field research, your evaluation of the situation and how you implement the plan to solve the problem. Ultimately, we also evaluate your reflection of the situation, what you learned in the process, and what you would do differently next time. This method enables us to develop you as a business leader and allows you to strengthen your managerial and business skills.

4. Are there options available for me to specialise further?
If you are taking the online MBA and want to delve even further into a specific theme, you have the option to register for a masterclass. The Online Action Learning MBA offers the options of a Food Security or Water Management major. You will participate in online classes and discussions with experts in the field and fellow students.



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