CEO Magazine has released its annual Global MBA rankings.180 business schools from across North America, Europe, Australia, New Zeeland, Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa took part in the rankings for 2022 (Website link: http://bit.ly/CEOMagRankings2022.) 

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CEO Magazine has been running since 2008 and showcases some of the top international business schools and universities. Its Global MBA Rankings were launched in 2012 and profiles quality MBA, Executive MBA, and Online MBA programmes.

The rankings are weighted according to the following categories:

Quality of faculty: 34.95%

International diversity: 9.71%

Class size: 9.71%

Accreditation: 8.74%

Faculty to student ratio: 7.76%

Price: 5.83%

International exposure: 4.85%

Work experience: 4.85%

Professional development: 4.85%

Gender parity: 4.85%

Delivery methods: 3.8%

Business School Netherlands achieves outstanding results

We are incredibly honoured and proud to have achieved the following results in the CEO Magazine Global MBA Rankings for 2022:

Global MBA Rankings CEO Magazine Tier 1

Tier One Global MBA Rankings

European Tier 1 2022

Tier One European MBA Rankings

Global Executive MBA Rankings #14

14th in the Global Executive MBA Rankings

Global Online MBA Rankings 2022 #2

2nd in the Global Online MBA Rankings 


For more information on our Action Learning MBA and Management Programmes, send an email to international@bsn.eu.

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