This week CEO Magazine has released its annual Global MBA rankings, this year, 338 programs from 180 business schools from across North America, Europe, Australia, New Zeeland, Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. (Website link: Business School Netherlands (BSN) consistently ranks as a top tier 1 school, thanks to our excellent faculty, our attention to our students made possible by our optimal class size, and thanks to our international diversity and exposure.

2021 Global MBA Rankings CEO Magazine

As a private school, formally recognised as a Dutch University of Applied Sciences we were amongst the first to introduce the MBA to The Netherlands. BSN is a proud pioneer of applying Action Learning in the MBA. BSN students carried out thousands of Action Learning Projects delivering a direct positive impact to their organisations and realising a return on investment for their companies. BSN believes that ‘Act to Learn and Learn to Act’ which underpins the Action Learning Projects, support student to design innovative, feasible and impactful action-oriented strategies to address pressing business challenges or opportunities. Each year we welcome some 500 students in Europe, Asia and Africa to the BSN multi-accredited (E)MBA’s in Dutch, English and Chinese language. The almost 10.000 BSN alumni are spread across 60+ countries.

In the years 2021 – 2025 we are building a BSN ‘Beyond Borders’. We aim to become a renowned truly global organisation, known for its robust application of Action Learning, and known as an educator and supporter of responsible leaders in business and society with a focus on solving the challenges of the world of today. To that effect we bended the crisis of COVID-19 into new opportunities.

To become truly global, this year:

(1) we launch a co-branded English language online Master in Finance in our key African markets – South Africa, Nigeria and Ghana – together with our new US partner Cambridge College located in Boston, Massachusetts.
(2) we are partnering with renowned Spanish SanTelmo Business School in a ‘Global Leadership Programme 2021-2022’ for senior leaders in business and society with modules in Montreux, Seville and Amsterdam
(3) we are co-operating with the Riara University School of Business to bring our International Action Learning MBA to Kenya
(4) our new DBA students will get their diploma from the renowned Global Humanistic University from Curacao with whom we work together in our new BSN-GHU Global Executive DBA and
(5) we are sharing with you the views of different leaders of the three continents in which we are present – Europe, China and Africa – for example through our new Connecting Leadership series: ‘Europe – China Connecting Conversations’.

We are upgrading the Action Learning skills of all our tutors and are re-enforcing the application of Action Learning in all our programmes – in our accredited (E)MBA programmes but also in our short courses and in-company courses and by offering Action Learning Fundamentals and Action Learning Coaching and Corporate Training Packages. This way we ensure that Action Learning realises returns for organisations by resolving challenging problems or identifying and capitalising on opportunities.

To develop responsible leaders in business and society with a focus on solving the challenges of the world of today, we have made a conscious decision to focus on sustainable leadership, building a BSN global innovation & entrepreneurship community and 4 priority sectors, all of which are capable of transforming industry and society – agrifood, horticulture & water; life sciences & healthcare, new energy and responsible financial services.

We like to invite you to join us in our journey ‘Beyond Borders’. Join us together with our alumni, students, corporate network and other partner organisations to form business bridges, which make this world with ample room for different ideologies and cultures a better place for all of us.

Annette Nijs - President & Chair Global Executive Board at BSN

Annette Nijs
President & Chair Global Executive Board
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