On July 4, 2019, a visiting group of more than 40 students and friends from Business School Netherlands went to Microsoft Research Asia. Mr. Fengyu Liu, Director of Human Resources of Microsoft Greater China and Corporate Mentor of Business School Netherlands, received the group of visitors.


As one of the world’s top 500 enterprises, Microsoft is a global leading supplier of software, services, equipment and solutions, and has become one of the largest foreign companies in China. Microsoft Research Asia is the company’s largest research facility outside of the United States.

The group explored Microsoft as a benchmark enterprise, as part of the Action Learning concept. Mr. Liu, our Corporate Mentor, introduced to us the development history of Microsoft, as well as its strategic and management evolution.

Microsoft’s new vision includes global high technologies and products in the fields of artificial intelligence, mixed reality, quantum computing etc. The group witnessed the power of Microsoft’s technology to organisations and industries, as well as the extraordinary digital experience brought to millions of people.


BSN_A-seminar-to-discuss-Microsofts-caseAfter the visit, a seminar was held to discuss Microsoft’s successful transformation case. Mr. Liu analysed Microsoft’s development and transformation from multiple perspectives, namely global trend, enterprise macro (vision, mission, culture), leadership, talents etc., providing a vivid and profound case study. He emphasized, lastly, that we are in an era of innovation, only with empathy, thirst for knowledge and a growing mindset can we recreate the soul, innovate the growth, and discover the future of one company.

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