Toine van den Heuvel - New BSN Dean

Toine van den Heuvel will take up the mantle as our new Dean from 1 January 2023. He’s had a long tenure with Business School Netherlands since 2002, as a lecturer in Operations Management.

He has more than 25 years of experience in management consultancy and leadership roles within major international companies. By being practical and accessible, he’s able to share his vast experience and contemporary management theories for students to apply in their own working environment. 

This enables students to improve their own business practices, solving complex problems and in achieving results.

As Dean of Business School Netherlands, Toine’s main aim is to create collaboration between internal and external stakeholders and to ensure a professional working environment in which everyone thrives.

Toine is excited to take on this new challenge and work with openness, honesty, and clarity, but above all with enthusiasm.

In his initial weeks, he is looking forward to getting to know the entire international team at Business School Nederland and everyone who contributes to it.

In his spare time, Toine enjoys spending time with his family and friends. He is an avid gardener and spends a lot of time with his animals, on his residential farm. He is also active in societal matters. As a born Brabander, he enjoys the small pleasures of life.

Toine has a very extensive work history. His experience covers teaching for both educational institutes and client organisations and he has worked as a consultant, senior manager, and managing director. He also held various Board positions in (non-)profit organisations and committees.

He led several projects in the fields of productivity, cost reduction, structuring, and steering, and still advises organisations on major complex and strategic changes.

A selection of organisations where Toine has worked:

  1. Amlin Management Consultants
  2. Van Spaendonck Management Consultants
  3. APM Consultancy
  4. Traffic Service Van Strien
  5. Boels Rental
  6. General Electric


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