150 graduates from more than 10 countries celebrated their MBA and DBA Graduation

On Saturday 24 September 2022, the time had finally come. After 2 years of postponement due to the Covid pandemic, our 150 international graduates – from more than 10 different countries – were finally able to receive their coveted MBA and DBA diplomas. This took place during our traditional Graduation Ceremony at the Grand Hotel Amrâth Kurhaus in Scheveningen. 

Graduation Ceremony 2022 - Kurhaus Scheveningen

This year was the 23rd graduation. This time it was extra special because  Covid delayed the Graduation for 2 years in a row. On 24 September, it was finally possible again. Our 150 MBA and DBA graduates gathered in the Kurhaus to receive their MBA and DBA diplomas.

Spectacular International Event

Graduation is an important and festive moment for our graduates to celebrate their great achievements. They can be proud of themselves; they have not only grown as leaders but also as individuals. Business School Netherlands organised a spectacular international event for them on this day with a Graduation Ceremony full of inspiring speeches, unforgettable photo and video moments, and to end with a festive dinner dance in the impressive Kurhaus Hall with live music by the band Three O’ Four.

Bart Stolk, BSN's Director of OperationsGraduation Ceremony
Bart Stolk, Director of Operations at BSN, welcomed our graduates, their families, friends and other guests to the 23rd Graduation Ceremony at the Grand Hotel Amrâth Kurhaus in Scheveningen. He introduced all staff, coaches, teachers, examiners and partners.
“Today, our 150 graduates from Suriname, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Rwanda, Jordan, Armenia, Ghana and Ethiopia and the Netherlands are receiving the coveted MBA or DBA diploma. An excellent reflection of our international students. Due to Covid, our colleagues and students from China are unfortunately absent this year. The past few years have been challenging for our students and our business school, but fortunately, we are back, and can celebrate together here at the Kurhaus in Scheveningen.”


Afterwards, Marcel van der Ham, Dean of BSN, declared the Graduation Ceremony open.




BSN's DBA GraduatesFirst of all, diplomas were awarded to our DBA graduates. DBA stands for Doctorate of Business Administration. This is the highest degree offered by our business school.
One of our DBA graduates, Dr Rania Jammal from Lebanon, on receiving her degree: “One word: grateful. Finally, it’s real and tangible. I’m officially Dr Rania El Jammal Business School Netherlands.”





BSN Staff Graduation Ceremony 2022 - Kurhaus Scheveningen

Then it was time to call our MBA graduates forward to collect their diplomas. Study supervisor Arthur van Gemert introduced the Dutch and Surinamese graduates. Our Director of Education, Roshana Froon, introduced this year’s International MBA graduates and our Director of BSN Nigeria, Olumide Ajayi, did the same for our graduates from Nigeria.

Studying and Graduating Together
There was also a special focus on our subsets. Together, they embarked on their exciting MBA journey. How nice then that they could also finish this journey together during this Graduation. They not only celebrated their graduation together but also toasted the friendship formed during this challenging learning journey!

BSN Subset van Erwin BoerenkampsErwin Boerenkamps who formed a subset with Jeroen van der Boorn, Remco Kraal, Michiel Massa and Kim Moerman told us afterwards: “The Business School Netherlands Graduation is a nice finale to our common goal of graduating together.”




BSN Subset van Bernald HilverinkBernald Hilverink who formed a subset with Rianne Boerefijn, Dylan Gieling and Meghan Smith spoke enthusiastically: “Yesterday, I received my degree at the Graduation Ceremony at the Kurhaus in Scheveningen. Together with my subset, I had a beautiful and festive conclusion to an instructive period.”





Other Reactions from our Graduates

Wendy Muller MBA
“Today I officially received the diploma at the Kurhaus in Scheveningen. Together with 150 other graduates from various countries and, of course, fellow students Harold van Campen MBA and Corjan van der Veen MBA CALC. A nice festive end to an intensive study period.”

Kayode Akinsola MBA
“I had my official graduation yesterday for the MBA at the Business School Netherlands. It was a worthwhile journey to have been taught about Action Learning. Special thanks to Almighty God; my ever supporting wife, Adenike Akinsola and everyone that encouraged me on the path of the journey.”

Josha Riemens MBA
“Thanks BSN for the great organisation and it was beautiful how clearly the international character was visible yesterday with students from Nigeria, South Africa, Antilles, Suriname and, of course, the Netherlands.”

Corjan van der Veen MBA
“It was a privilege to be here.”

Saskia Schiereck MBA
“It was a wonderful day! I enjoyed it very much!”

Annette Nijs, BSN PresidentSpeeches
During the ceremony, Annette Nijs – President of BSN – spoke: “Without you, there is no Business School Netherlands. Your success will inspire us. For your future: if you can dream it, you can do it! ” She pointed to the growth of Business School Netherlands, which has more than 10,000 alumni worldwide. She also mentioned BSN’s Global Alumni Network, where alumni can accelerate and continue their Lifelong Action Learning journey within a global network.



Okey Okere – BSN MBA and DBA Alumnus: “Your MBA or DBA Graduation is not the end of an era; it’s the beginning of a new era!” He introduced BSN’s Impact Center for Great Leadership (ICGL), in which he and his organisation Hofstede Insights are involved as partners. In his speech, he addressed ICGL’s mission and goals: “To positively impact leaders, making them more sustainably responsible, aware, authentic and inspiring, with the ability to create trust and influence others to also pursue greatness.”

BSN MBA en DBA Graduates (klik hier voor de grote foto)The Traditional Hat-tossing Moment
Yes, they made it! Our Graduation Ceremony is not complete without the traditional photo opportunity on the steps of the Kurhaus in Scheveningen. There, all graduates threw their hats in the air to immortalise the celebration of their graduations. The photographer succeeded again, our graduates are beaming. Time for the Graduation celebration party!

BSN is in the business of making great leaders, those who are responsible, change orientated, results-driven and make well-informed decisions.





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