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Are you someone that likes evolving and working in a great team? The Action Learning process is a way for you to develop your own knowledge and skills through close cooperation with other professionals. You can use this process to make yourself, your team, your leadership, and your organisation better.

Today we’ll look at each step of the process in detail.

How it Works:

Action Learning is a method in which a small group works on real-world issues and learns as individuals, as a team, and as well as an organisation. It builds the innovative, adaptable, and effective problem-solving skills of managers and leaders. Each member of an Action Learning team has responsibility for the issues discussed and the authority to make meaningful decisions and implement action. Action Learning consists of 6 steps.


Action Learning

The Problem:

Identifying a problem or opportunity is the first step. In this stage, team members ask questions to get a comprehensive understanding of the issue and its root causes. After identifying a problem, the team may proceed to find an effective solution.

Action Learning Group:

An Action Learning team consists of four to eight people. You should consider selecting team members with different degrees of expertise. Appoint a good Action Learning coach to inspire team members and keep them focused on their learning goals. You want to think about keeping the group small so that each team member can easily voice their ideas.

Questioning and Reflective Listening:

The team tackles issues by asking questions to determine their causes. After discovering the issues you’ll analyse potential solutions, and action can then take place. Questions encourage group discussion and cohesion. After thinking about each possible solution, give the team members time to figure out which one is the most likely to work. This exercise relies on the Action Learning coach to get team members to communicate and reflect amongst themselves.

Action Taken Towards the Problem:

The process demands group participation in solving the situation or problem. If the group only makes recommendations but takes no action, the group will lose its motivation. After choosing a solution, the team should put implement the solution. You should consider assigning team members duties or responsibilities in line with their expertise.

Commitment to Learning:

Executing solutions and developing new abilities will increase the competency of each Action Learning team member. The organisation gains a net benefit through increased management expertise.

Action Learning Coach:

An Action Learning coach plays the role of a supporting mediator but does not do the group’s work for them. The coach guides the group and keeps them on track, but does not interfere in the creative process.


Benefits of the Action Learning Process:

You’ll see how beliefs, attitudes, and organizational interests impact your choices and actions. It also improves your leadership, interpersonal, and public speaking skills and inspires others.

You will gain an understanding of diverse teams and continue to watch and enhance team performance. Your problem-solving, decision-making, and learning skills will improve.

You’ll address critical business issues and maximize the company’s ROI. You’ll streamline processes and train top executives.

Action Learning Programmes at BSN

Action Learning-empowered MBAs
Our MBA programmes, the International MBA and Online MBA both make intensive use of the Action Learning method. Become a better manager and leader through this innovative approach to management thinking and decision-making.

Online Action Learning Leadership Programme (Short course)
The Action Learning Leadership Programme is a six-month online executive course. The course includes master’s-level management theory and practice. If you are considering pursuing an MBA in the future, this programme is the best place to start

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