On Tuesday, January 8, 2019, our New Year’s reception took place in Buren. The turnout was fantastic. Together with 85 attendees, we celebrated the start of the new year in a festive way. Special guests Norbert Greveling and Roland Bushoff unveiled their new book ‘Strategic Management in Turbulent Times’. Annette Nijs, Chairman of the Board of Business School Netherlands, gave us a glimpse into to the future.

Our dean Marcel van der Ham opened the New Year’s reception with a warm welcome speech to all those present and looked back on the most memorable moments for Business School Netherlands (BSN) in 2018.

What did 2018 bring us?
For BSN it was a year of economic recovery (in the Netherlands) and of successful activities abroad. At Springest, an important comparison site for education and training providers, our programs increased in appreciation from 7 to an average of 9.1. We also made the first agreements with Roland and Norbert about their book ‘Strategic Management in Turbulent Times’, which was launched in December (how proud we are).
To top it all off, in November our Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) programs received status fully accredited by the American ACBSP. This means that graduates from our DBA can now add the title Doctor (dr.) in front of their name. With this accreditation, our DBAs have the same recognition as Maastricht School of Management, University of Phoenix, Webster and Walden, which puts us on the international map.

So long 2018, but what does 2019 have in store for us?
The Global Leadership Team of our Business School will focus on setting up a global network concentrating on cross-border business, creating more cross-cultural programs and helping new entrepreneurs to start to develop their growing organisation. We also launch a number of new programs: the Action Learning MBA Global Fashion Management, the Action Learning MBA in Water Management and Fit For the Future programs.

By naming the Fit For the Future programs, Marcel made a link to the new book by Norbert and Roland. With a fun online knowledge quiz, they took guests into the world of modern strategic management and how to be a successful leader, professional, director or company in this turbulent world. (Yes, you could also win something, namely the book!).

Finally – how could it be otherwise – a toast to the new year!


Watch the video/photo compilation.

For more information on our Action Learning MBA and Management Programmes, send an email to international@bsn.eu.

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