Prof. Paul Turken

Tutor Strategic and Marketing Management

Paul Turken studied business administration in Delft and in the seventies had careers as labour union leader, project leader in Sri Lanka, scientific employee at the University of Tilburg and civil servant in the municipality of Enschede.

In the eighties he established WPM. This management consultancy grew during the eighties to an organisation with twenty consultants and well known clients such as Hoogovens and the Social Service of Haarlem.

In the nineties he joined FHV/BBDO, communication and marketing agency, at the time the fifth largest bureau in the world. He moved up the ladder from Managing Director of the bureau Media Direction Nederland to member of the board of directors and leader of the consultancy group.

In 1999 he changed course to publishing Dutch books and serving in the supervisory board of four companies. He is an independent consultant and guest lecturer at Nijenrode and Erasmus University. At Business School Netherlands he teaches marketing and management.

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