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Success Story of BSN Alumnus Gerben Feddes MBA | RDW
BSN Graduate Louis Thörig MBA

Drs. ing. Gerben Feddes MBA | RDW
Year of Graduation: 2013
Industry: Government

Since 1988 students of Business School Netherlands have been using Action Learning to realise returns for their organisations by resolving challenging problems or identifying and capitalising on opportunities.

In the e-booklet ‘MBA in Action‘, alumni of diverse backgrounds describe how they experienced Action Learning and Action Research. They also concretise what Action Learning has contributed to their organisations and to them personally. This success story is about BSN Alumnus Gerben Feddes MBA and the ‘Action Results’ for RDW.


My organisation desired to become a proactive, results-driven organisation, but failed to succeed. Rationale is more important than influencing behaviour. Many intended changes didn’t move beyond the ‘intended’ stage.


I used the Theory of Evolution Is this correct? in order to influence behaviour. Basics: the power of participation, the correct method to apply change, interventions and numerous feedback sessions. Result-driven organisations motivate employees to function autonomously and to provide a recognisable contribution to the organisation as a whole. Motivation varied between 55-120%.


I managed to reach out to more than one hundred colleagues. To put it into a global calculation: 150,000 workable hours per year, – Motivation + 5%. – 100 hours requires 95,24 hours (100/105*100%), instead of 150,000 hours, it can be done in 143,000 hours – leaves 7,000 hours. Assuming EUR 50 per hour this leads to an accumulation of EUR 350,000 per year. Return on investment of my MBA was earned back within one month.

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