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Success Story of BSN Alumnus Carlo van Haaren MBA | Rabobank
BSN Alumnus Carlo van Haaren MBA

Carlo van Haaren MBA | Rabobank, Nijmegen
Year of Gradution: 2008
Industry: Banking

Since 1988 students of Business School Netherlands have been using Action Learning to realise returns for their organisations by resolving challenging problems or identifying and capitalising on opportunities.

In the e-booklet ‘MBA in Action‘, alumni of diverse backgrounds describe how they experienced Action Learning and Action Research. They also concretise what Action Learning has contributed to their organisations and to them personally. This success story is about BSN Alumnus Carlo van Haaren MBA and the ‘Action Results’ for Rabobank.


Employees in one of our departments take on a workload that is disproportionate to what?, which leads to numerous extra working hours, general health complaints and thus a higher absence level.


To create a healthier, more productive environment by being transparent about the workload pressure. Pinpointing factors that can have a positive contribution to the pressure; compiling a plan of action to significantly increases employees’ contentment and decrease work pressure.


Improvement of the organisation; improvement of internal communication; introduction of performance management; lay-out of consistent policy; created transparency about rules and regulation; optimization of managerial capabilities of the team and individuals. All the aforementioned led to a general improvement in employee satisfaction and a decrease in absenteeism. The negative impact of work pressure has reduced significantly; in fact, it’s below 3%. 3% of the total number of available working days, 16 FTE * 180 days * 3% = 86 days of absence less. 86 days * 8 hours = 61 hours. Assuming an hourly rate of EUR 40, this leads to an accumulation a cost-saving of nearly EUR 28,000.

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